Legendary and Mythic Perch Boost

For anyone using other than warrior dragon as perch dragon, at the moment:

  • Legendary Sorcerer’s perch boost is bugged as it DOES NOT boost flaks supershot.
  • Mythic Hunter’s perch boost is bugged as it DOES NOT grant chance to double damage for the dragon.

p.s. Have confirmed it with Arelyna, just want to let everyone know.


Do you mean Mythic sorcerer? Just want to make sure for everyone. I dont remember legendary giving bonuses like that.

Legendary Sorcerer gives various boost to tower supershot.
Mythic Sorcerer gives chance to refund the supershot. (this one works)

Then I stand corrected. Thanks for getting the info. And 9f course it’s another bug. And not minor ones either…

We are looking into it already. Please bear with us.


Why would anyone use anything other than a warrior? :man_shrugging:


Because they dont know just how big of a difference it can make. I stopped using warriors around 150. Hunters were just better for me and it wasn’t until about a 200 that I was shown a spreadsheet that showed that warriors were much stronger on the perch

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You mean warrior damage? Who cares unless you have a perch level 50+

It’s all about the 15% HP boost to ALL TOWERS IN COVERAGE and the additional shield from the mythic. Every other boost by the other dragon types is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Double damage from the perch shot? Who cares about one shot?
Refund supershot? Meh
Boost flak supershots? Meh


Might boosting flak SS be beneficial to someone who concentrates on defensive HP gear?

More so than an additional 15% HP on top of their fantastic defensive gear? I have awesome gear if I can say so myself and I would go with the additional 15% any day of the week and twice on Sundays.


I really don’t know, especially since my Apop has apparently been doing nothing all this time. :joy:

I thought its possibly better to get dmg a bit higher if HP is already strong. Either way, Storm was soon to replace Apop and after this news I can’t get him leveled fast enough.

If HP is higher that means tower stays alive longer to do more damage…


Attack is good only if even hammer spam doesn’t help.
That said, 15% boost is…

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The HP boost helps towers stay alive against higher tier dragons. Gear helps too. Anything you can do to keep it alive to fire off even just 1 or 2 more shots makes a giant difference.

Hence why storm towers are so crucial to defense, it allows other towers to stay alive longer. Just like hammer spam allows towers to stay alive longer.


The boost using a legendary sorc is as follows:

+15% supershot damage
+0.5s supershot stun damage
+25% ice super shot shield HP

With a traditional short kill island setup that included an ice turret in back and a dark flak up front, it seemed like a pretty nice combo. If you don’t have the ice turret, less appealing.

Except DF is not boosted by the boost atm.

Please refer to OP.

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Yeah, I got that Orca. That was the rationale for choosing legendary sorc, however.

Just curious, how could you tell the supershot boost wasn’t being applied?

Literally, no flak is listed.

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Ow. Thanks. Know way to know without file diving.

Thanks @OrcaFrost! :beers:

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