Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?

What is an elemental barrier? Is it a move that some dragons know ?

It’s an ability that Necryx and Nier have


What did this jayde person do to you?
Also, your answer is correct.


Ohh ok thank you! Darn I wish I could get a legendary from a chest for equestor

Keep that glyph handy in case another divine gets that spell. It is one of the best shields in the game. Necryx, the latest dragon to recieve it, really excels because of this spell.

It is a white shield that blocks all damage from Dark Flak, Fire Flak, Ice Flak, Fire Turret, Ice Turret, Lightning tower, and Storm tower. And, at the end of the spell, it proceeds to heal the dragon based on how much damage the shield absorbed.

I’ll trade you all my runic pulls for that glyph


Useless glyph. I’ve already had Necryx runed for months and Nier is long past his usefulness (and who would use a legendary glyph on a par lineage dragon).

You meant to say you personally have no use for it, right?


… And every other person in the same situation.

So you meant to say that people that don’t have use for it, have no use for it, got it.

To be clear. My point was, for several higher levels past Emerald breeding, this glyph is an utterly useless drop (to bring to light that perhaps it shouldn’t be such a common glyph featured in these ridiculously overpriced chests). All I was doing was pointing that out; I assure you there is no hidden meaning you need to delve into extensively.

I was just asking since you said it was a useless glyph. The OP clearly isn’t past emerald if they’re wondering what the spell is. Didn’t want them going off to salvage it only to see the spell pop up again and wish they hadn’t. :man_shrugging:


It’s not a useless glyph for the majority of the playing base. A useless glyph is poison striker/frenzy.


As low leveled player, I think that glyph is useful.
(Have just equipped it to Necryx :heart_eyes:)


^ Case in point

What are my chances of getting one if I pull 10 runics? :thinking: It’ll make my Nec almost undroppable (unless my rage gets drained)…

For someone that wants it, 0% chance

Edit: Unless you’re @Lutrus he gets anything he wants from those chests :joy:


You’re probably right…

I’m just looking out for you man lol sounds like a bad plan to buy those things hoping for one particular thing (or buying them in general)

Yeah glad you talked me out of it :rofl: