Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?


:thinking: Can we say -100%? Have to cough one up to get one.


Your chances of any specific legendary or mythic from the runic chests are very, very small. I strongly advise against opening these chests if you have to pay for them. You will almost certainly be disappointed.




Hey, eventually I’ll return back to the mean, but until then… I’m enjoying my glyphs xD


I’ll believe it when I see it lol also do you want any of my ice and fire resists? They also come with treb resist and invincibility duration, respectively, (added a word) as secondaries, to sweeten the pot.


I already have 2 ice glyphs and ice frenzy’s haha. Frost is wearing the ice resist :slight_smile:


Well tired of you anyways lol why don’t you go swan dive into your scrooge mcduck vault of glyphs

(Donald Duck in the background is me, being tired of you)


My vault is mostly comprised of rejuvenate glyphs. Can I interest you and any?


Only if I can pawn off some of mine on you :rofl: too bad runes don’t work with steal essence could actually use a few of those dumb things now that it heals a decent chunk


Don’t they? So only works with equipped spells?


They do work with steal essence, the support person was confused if I’m thinking of the thread you’re thinking of.


I was told so at least (regarding SE), not sure I’d be able to tell a difference if I tested it with rejuvenate to be honest.


Oh shit really? I hate asking this question since but how do you know? Not saying you don’t know lol just wondering what was used to test out of curiosity SE has been around awhile so certainly am not questioning the validity of your answer (and also thank you)



Thanks! Definitely missed that. Gargula is gonna be a beast now once he gets his hands on a sheep farm


dont listen to ebony. he/she is talking shit.

considering most of the player base are not even into emerald let alone past emerald the input has little no no value.

i won a legendary elemental barrier glyph this round and was more than happy to be able to stick it on necryx.


I would love to have that glyph for my Necryx; I have an open slot waiting for it. Unfortunately, the player on our team who got one does not have Necryx.
Who do I tag to request the ability to trade equal level runes and glyphs among teammates? I would happily trade my wisdom or rage glyph for an extra .5 seconds of elemental barrier. Plus, maybe I can find someone I can pawn off my useless mythic Chaos rune on…


That’s not gonna happen could get abused way too easily


Legendary Elemental Barrier Glyph?

Please sir, can I have one?

This is extremely valuable. The rune gods smiled upon you.

Save it. You will be glad you did.

Really save everything. There’s no limit, and maybe runes will one day be fixed.


Similar ideas have been suggested before.

And here was the response