Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?


I liked it because it’s the correct answer, but I wish it weren’t true.

What would possibly work would be a rune upgrade path.
4 common of the same can be combined to make four rare. Four rare could be combined to make one epic. Four epic to legendary, 4 legendary to mythic.

For runes with different secondary still be able to combine them, otherwise the possibility of getting anything more than epic is basically zero… But if you don’t use all the same secondary, you have no guarantee what secondary effect you get.

Maybe even go one more level and combine 4 mythic to get a mythic for the white spell (either random or you can pick of there is more than one white version). It wouldn’t be cheap, but it would be something to work toward. Especially since some of those white spells are almost impossible to get runes for.

This idea is not original with me.


Would the mythic elemental barrier glyph on Nec work even though I have the mythic rune from his line. elemental barrier?


Yes it would. Adds .5 sec of barrier at level 1 and has lightning resist secondary too :slight_smile:


If one is a rune and the other a glyph, yes they’ll work together. Or if they have different secondary abilities.


My free pull was a legendary wisdom glyph with 2.7 rage secondary. Would have loved what you got but not complaining about mine especially since it’s a glyph


It can be frustrating. I got an even better one, a Mythic Elemental Barrier Glyph, but I only started in late autumn and never got Necryx, so it’s of no use to me until they put the spell on another divine or until I get Nier three or four years from now.


Maybe PG will change things so that newer players don’t feel there is an impossible time or money barrier between where they are and where they would like to be.

I know @warlord is making another attempt to get their attention.

Who knows. This happened before, but none of the changes lasted.


I try not to worry too much about it yet, the real big walls are still somewhat distant. I’ve been playing four months and am just hatching my first epic gold egg, and so far the pace and balance seem to be pretty okay. I’m not going as fast as a big-spending team-mate, but also not hopelessly behind if I put in the work and play smart.

I’m not planning on becoming a spender so I hope PG is willing to smooth the path beyond platinum enough so the game will stay fun for non-spenders like me too.


As long as one is a glyph and one is a rune, they stack. If they are different rarities (legengary & mythic for instance), they stack. If they have different secondary effects, they stack. If you can equip it, it will stack :smile: (They won’t let you equip 2 of the exact same rune/glyph.)


I never knew they didn’t let you equip if it doesn’t stack. That;s good atleast PG won’t let me waste a rune or glyph. Thanks guys now next question should I put it on Nec or wait for another drag. I’m in Sapphire is there a dragon down the road that has EB?


How far can you take Nec?




Nier is the only lineage drag that has EB. And it’s only emerald and a sorc.


Then my suggestion would be to put it on Necryx. As long as you don’t out level your dragons, he will be with you a long time.


What do you mean by out level? I don’t know what that means:thinking: @SavageAFforPG


If you level your base too quickly, you will be forced to attack others that are stronger than your dragons can handle. This will greatly reduce your rate of progress.


Do a search for “dragon check in” in the forums and look one of Red’s past announcements for breeding events. She has a dragon check in guide for what dragons you should have for your player level depending on what kind of play style you are going for. Sadly I don’t have time to link it myself right now :sweat_smile:


Ohh I’ll look for it! Some of you guys are so amazing! Thanks @SavageAFforPG and @LizDrakemoor and everyone else who answered my questions!



I just checked I’m in the Rulith mandatory 1 step away from intense 1 dragon short :unamused: