Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?


John, I would gladly trade you for a Mythic Rage Glyph. To bad I didn’t start in time to get Necryx :disappointed_relieved:


That’s great, nothing to be sad about! Awesome job!

Intense is really pretty intense and I think it would be a challenge to hit the intense target especially as a low / no spender. Maybe I’m wrong.

I hit the wall and am at 208 with Jul expert, renard would be expert if I fed him, frostbiter breedable. Haueheset, Apo, Chompa, Anapa, Sekhem, Iteru and all platinum and below plus few divines all expert. I don’t feel like I’m over leveled.

Icicle taking 240k tokens is depressing the heck out of me but I wan’t my builder’s eggs. Probably won’t happen next breeding as I only have 90k tokens and 200 frags as of this writing.


8 months, little spending and lot of grind.
Lvl 146, Proud Hauheset owner :yum:
Sekhem and Frostbiter are next in breed event.

Always regret of missing necryx in my early game days :neutral_face::pensive:. No use for my legendary barrier glyph.


dont use Mythic Fragments… you will miss a lot of Eggs for builder hut…
its the worst decision to use Mythic Frags on Mythic dragons… (even if they are more expensive at once)


Most expensive in direct cost but least so when broken down to tokens/frag :see_no_evil:


Yeah, I saw that on Red’s guides. I will only use if I have to in order to get to 450 sigils. think I’m in good shape not to use any as I have 90,700 tokens at moment.

Thank you


{you got Hau without Sekhem? Or am i reading it wrong? }

Edit: error on my part! sorry


It’s possible, I had to check Red’s paths myself. In my instance, I needed Sekhem in order to get Quetz as a cheap back breed so I could get Iteru. Iteru + Sorchil = Hauhaset


Nice! I’ve been playing more than a year and still no Hau :cry:


It took me 11 months to get him, so I feel your pain.


Just pointing out that this thread has gone extremely off-topic several times. :see_no_evil:


It’s been answered. Now it just an organic chat. Let’s see where it goes :man_shrugging:


Geez, I totally forgot what topic it even was haha


Actually it is pretty much possible to get Hau without Sekhem. Just need to tweak platinum dragons breed little bit in order to get Quetz. I had to waste 40 k tokens but it was worth to get Hau at least 2 breed event before in actual Red best breed steps which I mostly follow as breeding guide.


Probkem with that is it slows you getting frostbiter and your first garnet. I had same thinking but ended up just following the path.


I did say it was possible in my explanation lol. I just needed Sekhem to get quetz since I had all the platinum legendaries EXCEPT for Quetz when I started on Red’s A&A #3 path.


There is a Mythic one too… my GF got it the other day. <—- jealous!


Oh, I know.

I’d like the Mythic Ammo Glyph. Actually, I’d like about 30 of the Glyph and Rune.

It was not available this time. I think it has been offered once, maybe twice. I don’t actually know anyone who has it, but it’s there.


I had a Legendary Ammo Rune when I was a newbie. I put it on Ettin. I didn’t know about the courtesy removal either, so I dusted it :sob:


Nooooooo :scream: