Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?


Break my heart.



Mine is on enki.


Yeah, I tear up a little every time I think about it. Had a Rage secondary too :drooling_face::exploding_head:


No worries you’ll probably get a bunch more in between mythic rage glyphs :rofl:


I hope you’re trolling me. lol


No, I’m dead serious. Chalk it up to newbie mistakes… that’s why there should be better guides for this stuff ingame…


For sure.

Newbies–take note. Do not use your mythic ammo rune or glyph.

Save it. It’ll be collectible. 20 years and $100k from now, you can use it on your unobtainium hunter.


SPOILER ALERT next time :rofl:


I never got one as far as I remember. :frowning:


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