Legendary Empyreans?


What do you guys think of the legendary emps?

Evakhet vs Tuktu? — better than Pathox?
Modrian vs Capulos?

Just looking for opinions before I spend a lot of RSS leveling these guys.


I think i’ve taken down more of these guys than Vanguard level divines on my base…


their spell kits are weak compared to vanguards :stuck_out_tongue:


5 points for not mentioning the warriors.

Modrian kinda reminds me of Shezard. Interpret that as you like.

Capulos basically afk autopilot invader dragon, AI islands in PvP?

Hunters are both kinda cool. Not easy to fly. Not duds.

I’m also a succ so take it with a grain of salt. Or a kilo.


Well the best part is you get to say “I’m cooking Meth”. They seem to be all breeders. I continue to fly Path, Itz and Jorm personally


I leveled them to breeding. I am continuing to level them, but only because I need to farm shards and I may as well get xp while I’m at it. but personally, I think all the empyrean lineage dragons suck.

Hopefully there’s one good mythic and I hope it’s not the hunter, just to piss off the all hunter all the time crowd. :laughing: Yeah, hunters tend to be better, but it’s always good to have an open mind and be flexible.


They all are terrible :joy:.


Destar and Oni would like to have a word with you. Then again, all three of the Vanguard mythics are worthwhile in their own right. I would very much like for the Empyrean mythics to have similar success.


Ya I’m feeling about the same way as everyone else with these leg emps… kinda dissapointing… I’ll max the hunters and see how I like them.

I thought Meth would be good at first getting that big AOE spell but his white spell is weak.

I really hope all 3 emp mythics are decent as well or this whole tier is a bust.


The mythics don’t look any better.


I used both, especially Destar quite a bit. I love it when they release a good warrior or sorceror and I’m happy that happens more often these days than it used to!


Where you get that pic?:scream:


:scream: WOW Nice grab do you have the other 2?


it was live for like 5 mins during breeding i didn’t screenshot it


Oh :cry:
But the hunter don’t have any cloak ?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


the first spell somehow toggles a cloak or does 2 things one being cloak or something, i didn’t read it fast enough.


Since you don’t know what the spells do, could you explain why you think it’s bad?

No comment on whether that’s the final version or not.


Interesting. I wonder what that white spell on the left is, and what its mechanics are, and how much rage it costs. I also wonder if that’s the final form of the dragon that will be released. I wonder what all the players who have flown that dragon have to say about it.

Lots of things to wonder about, I guess.


Looks like the first white spell & the blue spell go hand to hand :thinking: because both spells got that circle symbol.

I bet the resist is “Immunity Adaptive resist “ like on “Ronin”


Can’t say I’m very impressed so far with this tier (apart from Tuktu).