Legendary Empyreans?


Lol it doesn’t need cloak with that spell set, technically that Phoenix spell is better. Fire your shots and disable leaving a damaging tower to kill you. Reentrap and kill island


LOL doc you know you’ve flown them.


Ours is a world rich in wonder. Personally, I wonder where I’ve seen those models before.


They look like the obsidian mythics


There reskins of the Obsidian Mythic, most likely or not there different colors… they better look sick!!! :sunglasses::thinking:


Is it?
Or is it just placeholder?


Maybe :thinking::thinking::thinking:
All I know they better be glowing or some kind of nice animation to them.
( Art Team you guys Rock :sunglasses::ok_hand:)


We need more glowing Lineage… :star_struck:


Exactly :sunglasses:
Let them glow so bright we go blind :joy:


The Mythic Dark Hunter and Mythic Wind Sorc lineage dragons match up perfectly with the Mythic Dark Hunter and Mythic Wind Sorc this season. Redundancy OP.


I think the legendary empyreans are shameful.


ywp their spells have been out for a while now maybe they will change them till full release


Hard to say :man_shrugging:t2:
They might change a spell or two or just leave them be.
Now we know this upcoming breeding Empyrean Mythic’s will be “available”


Did I miss an announcement?


It just a given & this Upcoming Fort there going to increase the tower lv.

An what you said above just gave it away as well :innocent:


It did?

Because - and I mean this genuinely - I have no idea when they are being released; and I certainly hope it’s not 3 weeks from now (next breed).


Why you say that ?..
The “whales” already got all the Empyrean legendarys or are 1 or 2 dragons away from completing the tier.

It only makes sense, plus they won’t come out until 3-4 weeks from now ( most likely 3 weeks)


I’m curious what your definition of “whale” is? Meth is cooking and I have 1.5 Empyrean left to breed but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a whale. I believe a good portion of my team are in the same position and many of them aren’t huge spenders either…


That’s what majority of players call “Big Spenders”
(No offense of course)


In previous tier release PG let a gap of 3 month between legendaries and mythics.

Since they released the legendaries the first week of february, and if they keep that cadence, we can expect the mythic empyreans to be released near the first week of may, maybe on week’s 9 breeding event…

PS: I say “we”, but I will only be Harbinger by that time :joy::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::sob:

EDIT: add of Vanguard release posts
Legendaries in june

Mythics in septembre