Legendary gear crafting probability


I’ve been crafting non stop during the last 4 events, a few outside event too, but nothing of legendary quality.

I find this strange as before it wouldn’t be more than 1 event in a row that this happened. 1 or 2 legendaries per event would happen.

Is it just me, or have more of you been facing these odds?


Same thing for me, legendary chances are low (as well they should be) I craft inbetween mostly and upgrade during. And as stated in my legendary fail thread I got 2 legendary randomly back to back


Didn’t see your thread. I agree it should be hard to get hold of legendary pieces, but this is a bit exaggerated I think.


Really or bearly I get legendary once in a while. Kinda really hard to get it.


Since this event started, I have already forged two legendary pieces (dark pants and helm). As I could raise the tier of my perch I needed the new gear.

I don’t have a full set on any of my dragons, but if I count it right, I have 10 pieces of legendary armour in total.

And we are a lottery team, so haven’t had Atlas for too long.


@SavageAFforPG answered this in another thread. Basically the odds are 1 in 20 for legendary, but it’s not truly random. Meaning if you craft 1000 pieces, 50 will be legendary. But if you only craft 20, it’s possible that you wont get a legendary until the next set of 20. Its also possible to get 3 legendary in a row, then 0 legendary until you craft another 60 pieces. But you WILL have 1 in 20 be legendary in the long run.


I did 4 events of crafting strictly 300 scroll items with nothing. 33k scrolls in
This current event i got lucky and got my shield in a few crafts, then my axe two crafts later.
But that streak really really hurt, i would craft out til i was at zero scrolls then start upgrading my gear in an effort to get more scrolls lol.


That’s what I’m feeling right now. This event not even a epic came out lol

I’ll be waiting then, for the rng to bless me once again. Just felt frustrated :sunglasses:




A question that I have is: is it worth crafting and/or upgrading Legendary pieces of armor that haven’t come out yet in Atlas season lines? I presume that the shields/weapons will be in future seasons, and they’ll be Elite, so I’ve been focusing on upgrading my existing Elites and crafting gear that has passed in the last Atlas season (since IIRC it won’t be available again), and my plan is to claim the Elite versions of the gear that I don’t have yet. Is this a wise strategy? :t_rex:



I mean… You will either craft it eventually or you’ll get the elite pieces. You will spend the same. It’s just a matter of when.


I’m nearly done the sets for savage to make an accurate odds list, just 3 more pieces


The next 2 Atlas seasons will have the shield and weapon for the final prize in their respective lines. Those are the items you’ll probably want to be elite. Legendary maxed items are nice and you’ll eventually want more than one set of each element because you’ll have enough riders to use on 10 dragons. I personally craft outside of event and upgrade during the event. Craft the same item constantly until you get the legendary item then move to the next item. Shields and weapons first for each element. Look to the future when crafting. Look at the divines you want or the next tier you’re breeding and craft for that now as it takes a bit to get the set you’ll want. Just my humble opinion


If I’m understanding you correctly, I would discourage this. Are you saying if you want a leg wind shield for instance you will load your queue up with three wind shields? What do you do if the first or second turns out to be the legendary? Wouldn’t the subsequent ones just be a waste of your precious shards and scrolls?

I would (and do) queue up three different items and typically I only craft the cheaper items outside of the event in order to maximize points.


May i know what do you mean with cheaper item?


I used to craft the ones that cost 25 or 50 scrolls, so that’s what I consider cheap. Now I save all my shards for Elite upgrades though. :t_rex:


The ones that cost 50 scrolls?


Yeah I’m crafting all the time the same piece over and over until I get the legendary one. And level up gear during gear event. I have few full sets of legendary


Just an update I did 3 boots and the first 2 were common and rare so I crafted 2 more and the 3rd ended up being legendary. That’s been typical for my crafting out of events. Scrolls and shards aren’t really an issue and not worth crafting points. I’d rather work one piece at a time that way I know what I’m getting. To each his own. The shards are a problem when updating


I’ve already got five legendary dark pieces, one fire legendary, one ice legendary, and that’s pretty much it. Rest are rares and some epics