Legendary gear crafting probability


You will have it depend on the timing to craft gear and need some analysis dear…from my experience.


I will try my luck to craft gear when it is not during craft gear event. Yeah I know wasting points but chances is there to get legendary gear.


Just keep your forge busy. It’s probably all RNG, which means it’s super frustrating when you craft the same thing >80 times with no legendary, but you can maximize your event time by crafting the cheaper stuff between events, and doing upgrades and expensive stuff during events. Focus on one set before moving on to the next.

And, even if the elite gear comes out, two sets of upgraded gear will never be a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:


^ work done for a legendary + elite set + 1 epic scepter, minus the twenty or so rows of scepters i scrapped in a fit of pique. And the best scepter I have is still epic. .-.


Somebody send help pls.


Another row of commons below not included.


The good news is you are close.

Don’t craft more than one of the same thing at a time.


I have the same or worse :joy::joy::joy:


It’s a good thing those are only gloves that cost 25 scrolls to craft lmao


They cost 50 :sob:


LOL still not too bad.
I hit the ~105-108 dead patch when crafting my weapons and shield. :joy:


Has anyone gotten any Legendary gear in the past few days? I haven’t since before the last crafting event. I keep my three slots busy all the time. Currently trying to get the last three pieces of wind gear for the mythic I might not get.

Not that I have any reason to think that something is broken, but, I’m starting to wonder. Seems like too long of a drought to me. Maybe I’m smack dab in the 105 drought (didn’t know that was a thing).



Started making ice gear recently cos I was bored and I may need some at some point. 3 legendaries out of total 84 crafted.


Is it possible to get elite gear by crafting ? :thinking:
I mean I have crafted
6/8 legendary for wind,
5/8 for ice,
4/8 for earth,
and I have never gotten an elite through crafting. I mean I know its possible to get them from atlas events but is it possible to get it through crafting ? if so how likely ? :thinking:
The 1/20 has been my case so far for legendary crafts.




Better than my numbers. I have been crafting constantly since the last crafting event and just got my first legendary piece yesterday. Guess it’s just a drought. I finally salvaged all but epic and legendary to make some room and get back a few paltry shards.


Y’all don’t belive me… I’m cut to the quick.

I’m as sure as I can be without having crafted all 10 sets that you will get them at exactly the advertised 5% rate.


As with gold and silver chests, the good stuff comes in a bunch. It’s been coded that way.


Yes. And that is why it is important not to be crafting the same things more than once.


I believe you, I just don’t trust that PG didn’t break something else… It was a LONG dry spell and I did read where others have had them too.

Off topic - Kind of pissed about my token boost and the “too bad, so sad” response they are giving everyone who spent sigils on it. So I have reason for my pessimistic attitude I think.

Uninstalling this game and reinstalling it is a nightmare as well. I can’t imagine what new people do or if they just give up. It shouldn’t take almost an hour to get all the files downloaded nor deal with downloads hanging until you force close and repeat actions several times over. Something has really gone off the rails with the size and complexity of this game it seems.

Here endith my rant.


Well, maybe @mechengg could tell us the maximum possible loss on tokens, chests, and sigils, and then we all know what not to expect.


Nah got a super busy week, gotta cram a 2x hour week into just 3 days due to the dragon summit trip so I’m balls to the wall (only come here for you :kissing_heart:)