"Legendary" Gold Drops

If I’m beating a dead horse, I apologize. I could not find a topic that dealt with this specific issue, but if I missed it, please kindly link to it, and I will be glad to see what has already been discussed. :grinning:

I’m curious why Fire and Ice Shards, Elemental Embers, and Black Pearls are considered “Legendary” drops. On my primary account, I currently have almost 90k Ice Shards, 70k Fire Shards, 25k Elemental Embers, and 10k Black Pearls (not counting all the ones I have spent building things). And I’m not even a medium spender–shoot, I’ve spent nothing since the summer event. Nadda.

I understand that the “bag” needs to have a certain amount of filler, kinda like the lottery (as a business decision, not as a player’s preference). But calling this filler “Legendary” and including it in the potential drops for the Bonus chest after opening 30 seems more like a misrepresentation than an appropriate amount of stuffing.

My issue is not that these items are in the mix for what a gold chest might drop. My issue is that they are in the Legendary category. It’s already a maybe (unless you open 10, then you are guaranteed 1) if you’ll even get a legendary drop. But to compound that relatively small chance (about 25% if you open them one at a time–and that’s a true 25% for every chest, opening 4 does not mean one will be Legendary) with fluff drops like these seems rather silly. Maybe for a lower level player 1,000 shards is Legendary, but for anyone who’s been playing a while, accumulating shards, embers, and pearls (to a lesser extent, but only 3 structures need them) is both easy and pointless.

What do people really want when opening gold chests? I speak only for myself, but if most people are like me (and maybe they are not), they want Sigils, Timers, Tokens/Mystic Fragments, Inner Fire, and Energy. So, when 6 of the 11 possible Legendary drops (right now, I know that it changes every event) are items that most people don’t even want or need, it seems a little out of balance–especially when the chances of a Legendary drop are already relatively small. Again, I’m not saying to remove these drops from the gold chest category completely. I asking are these drops really worthy of the “Legendary” classification?

Of course, I cannot read other players minds–but I’ve never seen someone complain about getting too many Sigils or Inner Fires in a set of 10 chests. Maybe other players are not like me, and they are happy with the current set(s) of drops. I would be curious to know.

What do you think? Would reclassifying these drops as Epic be an appropriate and fair change? (Appropriate as in “more accurate” and fair as in “benefits the players at no or negligible cost to the bottom line for PG.” I certainly don’t want so-called improvements that would bring about the early demise of a game I enjoy playing.)

A little thought experiment may help you think about appropriate “value” in this context.

Let’s assume there were a player-run bazaar in the game, and any player could sell any item (except rubies) for rubies–we could even throw in a listing fee and a bit of a tax, so PG can drop rubies into their black hole and help prevent market inflation caused by the injection of real money. How much would you pay for 1,000 sigils? 1,000 Shards? 100 Inner Fires? 50 12-hour timers?
Obviously, markets would ebb and flow, depending upon the particular event and what you needed at any given time to accomplish your specific goals. But over time, they would settle around an agreed-upon “value” that these items have. Right now, you could, possibly but not likely, open 31 gold chests and not get a single item you really wanted. But you didn’t buy the items–you bought the chest. You paid for the chance to roll the dice. So, you may be unhappy, but you got exactly what you paid for–a chance. You’re playing the lottery, and you don’t even know the odds.

Let me know; what are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Would this change wreck the game’s economy? (the change of classification–the market is just a thought experiment, for now).

~Power to the Players


Though myself being a low level player have a shortage of elemental embers and shards, i agree that they are in no way considerable as legendary drops. Converting them to epic would increase the amount useful legendary drops.
I would personally also want food packs to be removed from the list of legendary drops.


I agree with the food and lumber packs not really being Legendary, but I did not list them because they are not always in the pot (they tend to come and go based on the event). Shards and Pearls are, from what I know, always in the mix. Elemental embers appear to be on a kind of rotation, but they are there more often than they are not.


I would be happy with all Legendary wood barricades.


New league new demands eh @Lx460 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Legendary refers to amount. You can get epic elemental shards and legendary. The ice and fire shards and pearls I agree with as I have 500k of each. The fact that they give those in such quantity is a bit absurd considering each builds only a specific tower, and elemental build currently 2 flaks and 5 totems. In time when ice will be released (where is that by the way) it will be 3 flaks. So a legendary of 1000 elemental is worthless it should be higher. But ice fire and pearls should be removed from gold chests and inserted into bronze or tiers. Or maybe let us convert them or use them as in game tender for something else. Either way I agree they are pointless but the fact is legendary vs epic is about amount not the fact they are in gold chests


I agree with @xJJSK2018x, I don’t mind them being in gold chests but the amounts should be higher for embers and pearls. I’m only 174 but it takes me too long to get enough for upgrades. Maybe thats the point though, since flak, ice and fire towers are so strong PG doesn’t want us having too many of them?

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JJSK hit the nail on the head.

I think it’s somebing like this.

10 item types are randomly chosen with weighting and then each item type is given a class. Legendary class is really just quantity of that item.

As odds go I think the class doesn’t really change the odds, but if you wanted a legendary useful item and you get half useful and half useless, roughly half
Of your lengendary drops should be distributed to the useless stuff. Which is just higher quantities of useless stuff.

I actually find most of the stuff in gold chests to be useful to me. But as you say black pearls and some other stuff I have enough to max all to level 60 and then some. I have run out of elemental
Embers… one thing I like about this game is that the gambles you do have (gold chests) do yield valuable stuff to me.

Now the runic chests I feel is another story. There is maybe one rune worth getting and only if it’s mythic or legendary. And it’s weighted to almost never drop. Basically you get nothing useful unless you are super lucky. And then you don’t really have dust for it.

You can also see the atlas card game implies untruthful odds. They make it look like here are your choices and they have been scrambled or you can find it. But they aren’t doing that, they are evaluating which one you picked at the time of picking and giving you a weighted result. (if it was truly just pick the location it would be evenly distributed chances).

Apple is enforcing some rules that should
Impact this and maybe make the game better for everyone. Almost nobody wants to play Russian roulette with their wallet. That’s not competition. That’s just greed.


Yes, in general, legendary refers to quantity. But I am curious, have you seen an Epic Fire or Ice Shard drop recently? I’ve seen Epic Black Pearls and Elemental Embers.

But that is not really my point. Unless the quantities are simply massive, I don’t think these items worthy of Legendary status, and even then, do I really want them taking up a legendary spot? I don’t. Relegate them to Epic, and put more of what we need/want in the Legendary category.

Legendary is already hard enough to get–there is no good reason over half the legendary drops are junk. Half the gold drops, fine. But half of 25%? Now were looking at a 12.5% chance for a “valuable” Legendary drop. That is more my point. I’m not saying change gold chests overall. I’m saying make Legendary drops truly Legendary.

I can provide pretty specific details on the odds of drops or cards (but cards are another matter–I’ll say this, everything you see is an illusion).

If you redeem 10 gold chest, 1 will be a legendary drop, the other 9 have a 75% chance of being Epic and a 25% chance of being Legendary. This is for each chest, however, so it’s possible (but not likely) that the only Legendary drop you get is the one guaranteed by opening 10 at once.

Within each category, Epic or Legendary, there are a given number of items, and each item is “weighted.” Each event is different, so I’ll look just at the current event.

There are 11 possible legendary drops right now, but the “die” used to pick your drop has 22 “sides.” The sides each have a number, right now, 0-10 (since there are 11 possible drops). Some numbers appear only once, some twice, some three times, and one 4 times. Each chest that is open is the result of two random rolls. The first is of that four-sided die, three sides of which will result in an epic drop, and 1 in a Legendary. If you get the Legendary, you now have a second roll that will determine your specific drop. The drops and odds change with each event. (Except for Shards and Pearls, they are always there, taking up three Legendary slots.)

Epic drops follow the same guidelines, only there are a greater number of drops (14) and the “die” has 66 sides, again, for the current event (0-13, with numbers corresponding to specific drops showing up as often as 9 times and as few as once).

Runic is another matter entirely. I’ll say this–they are a scam, pure and simple-- desperate grab for you money. And they succeed because PG doesn’t offer any form of the flak or elemental runes in standard chests, not even a common one. I mean really, for the difference in price, most people would be glad to “settle” for an Epic Fire Flak Resist, am I right?

Here are the overall percentages for Runic chests, if you open them one at a time… opening ten complicates it (but does not change these percentages for the remaining 9):
Rare – 35.93%
Epic – 59.88%
Legendary or Mythic – 4.19% (less than half of that is a chance at a Mythic)

The only Runic Chest that gives you a reasonable chance at a rune/glyph you actually want is the bonus one for opening 30. Probably not the odds you were hoping for when you spent 8k rubies on 10.

Knowledge is power. Gamble wisely.

~Power to the Players

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Thank you for laying out this truth so clearly. If PG can make these adjustments the sale of gold chests would skyrocket, even if they can’t implement what you suggest they should just make the prizes scale with player lvl as with the wood/food and xp potions

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Don’t take my word for it, although my info is good.

Test it. Compare your sigil drops now with the previous 3 events (especially Fortification and Tug of War).

I think legendary exclusively means quantity. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more than one legendary quantity of a thing or if some things didn’t have all possibly quantities, but I don’t know if any that don’t have legendary.

I’ve seen epic fire and ice shards not that long ago, but I haven’t noticed any in this event. I can check for them.

I’m not sure that it works that way. I don’t think it first chooses a class/quantity and then closes an item. I think it works the other way about, but I will test and confirm. I haven’t observed getting legendary things I don’t want as reducing legendary things I want. Up until you said this I’ve been under the belief that each item type has a weighted odds of drop, then each quantity has a weighted sub type (with the caveat of one of the items being legendary)

Of corse the way the implement the guaranteed legendary would have a huge impact on how things work.

See to me this is just a marketing thing. We could call them banana chests for all I care. As long as I felt like it was worth the money. I don’t have a problem making the most prestigious sounding feel more prestigious. But I don’t think it was intended to mean a summary of the drop. Maybe they should change them to small medium large and you just get small sigils, medium sigils, and large sigils. - personally it bugs me way more than the colors for epic and rare are reversed between atlas crafting and everywhere else. (And that many places don’t have mythic)

Again on the rest of your message I’ll need to double check but I don’t think they evaluate it that way. If you have specific data I’d be very interested in it. I’m going to run somemgold chests and screenshot and trend and see if it agrees with your method or not. You may be right.

That I know of, the only chest that has Legendary status for different quantities of an item is the Super Sigil Chest. For all other Chests that carry more than 1 item, the number that qualifies as Legendary is constant, at least within a season.

There are none in this event. But if you get some, I’d love to know.

Here are all the possible epic and legendary drops from a gold chest this event:

3000 Breeding Tokens
1000 Elemental Embers
1000 Ice Shards
1000 Fire Shards
225 Wintertide Sigils
225 Black Pearls
50 3-Hour Speedups
15 12-Hour Speedups
8 Mystic Fragments
5 300k XP Potion
1 400k Food Pack

1100 Breeding Tokens
200 Elemental Embers
125 Wintertide Sigils
25 1-Hour Speedups
25 30% Tower Attack
25 30% Tower Defense
20 Heal Potions
15 3-Hour Speedups
8 100% XP Boost
7 60000 XP Potion
4 12-Hour Speedups
3 Mystic Fragments
3 150000 XP Potion
1 130000 Food Pack

If you get anything else during this event, that would be very interesting to me.

I do look forward to your test results. I believe you will find they support my previous statements.


I totally agree!!! I’m so sick of getting more n more of these!! I have enough to build 10 fire-ice n dark flaks ffs n level them all up!!!

I think it would be beneficial to tie these two threads together.

They are not identical, but much of the material is relevant to both subjects.

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