Legendary rage glyph or good start to next season?

Community, I am at a loss for what to do. I could go for the legendary rage glyph this event which would mean I would need to open a number of gold chests to get the extra 78 days of speeds I need.

Or I could save those chests for next season and get off to a good start.

What to do? Sigh

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Between sigils, rage glyph, and next season :joy:

wait till tomorrow to see the spell set on the discount hunter for spring season and go from there.


Yeah good idea. I’ll do most of my hunting on Sunday anyway.

I don’t need any more sigils this season so it’s all about the glyph right now :joy:

Give me some then. I will accept it gladly.

My vote is wait for what it’s worth. Tempting though but not worth throwing discipline out the window

Yeah I think I’m leaning towards just going for the 465k epic glyph and leaving the 1.9M mark alone. It will cause me problems down the track as I’d be levelling too fast and need to probably sit out one or two forts next season - which will totally cramp my style.

Let’s see what the discount hunter looks like then I’ll decide…

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Do they not do discount sorcerers? How do we know it’s a hunter?

Edit: Serious question, wasn’t sure if there is just no discount sorcerers ever or something and it’s always warrior/hunter/warrior/hunter

What was the mummy dragon last season, the sorcerer with sand. Anubus or somethin

I meant the start-of-season discount dragon

Cmon cheeky, get with the program:

Historically, Necryx has been the only discounted hunter with the rest being warriors (Abraxxas, Drakius, Leos). There’s never been a discount sorceror, other than Anuba’s special power and cost inverse relationship (and technically a bonus dragon). Next season, though, we get another discount hunter.

Did gamers faction I think it’s called have any input on season dragons?

I just want to know who to complain at when I pick the wrong one.

:rofl: depends on if it was mentioned in the stream or not

Edit for fun: I can neither confirm nor deny any specific action without the Secretary’s approval. :see_no_evil:


The spells better be good FS!


Nocturnal fissure with elemental mayhem and treb resist

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