Legendary Rune of Healing

I would like a Legendary Rune of Healing that gives the same buff as we get on seasonal dragons, i.e. -95% Heal Time. It could be bought for sigils from a mystery branch in the Souldance season, like the Legendary Rune of Wisdom this season.

Krelos is great for invader etc runs, and I’ll be sad to use it a lot less once it goes to normal heal time. I know most of us have thousands of Heal Potions, but we will chew through a lot if we heal each time we do an invader run. Invader runs with the discount dragon will probably be particularly slow with Marav as it’s an invoker.

A glyph would be even better.


uuhhhh that would be nice :heart_eyes:




i would easy spend some sigils for this, i struggle with this, its so easy to burn potions

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You know at this point, I believe anything is possible.
PG used to say, no resurrection. Then they say “RESURRECTION BE HAPPENING YALL!”.
Is it possible for old dragons to come back? Yeah!
Is it possible to get a rune of healing? Maybe yeah.
Is it possible for me to get 5 Billion Rubies at once without hacking or spending? Who knows! PG is keeping us in a loop!
Nothing is guaranteed!
So I’ll say no thread ending from now on! And all of those folks who asked for a rainbow stone or evolution stones for old dragons, they should get the upcoming branch for free.

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They should just remove the healing complete and remove the potions from chests.


Yeah many have taken up this point but pg seems least interested.

Thats exactly the issue, new players lack healing pots while old players cant see them anymore growing.

Actually it is a viable idea, but that way, pg loses a product and a rss. Many people argue that we get more than enough. Grinders say the opposite since they do next to a thousand runs a day. That’s why potions can also be bought. So that $$$ that potions bring will be eliminated and more relevant prizes will be distributed more in chests, leading to lesser pack buying, so lesser revenue for pg. And pg doesn’t want that to happen at all costs.

I do loads of runs and potions still keep growing :nerd_face:

For them, it is “if you have a great idea, we’ll absolutely listen to you. But make sure it doesn’t hamper revenues. Make sure the revenue flow stays same.”

I know no one that spends for healing pots. You get more then needed from chest opening.


Nope I’ve seen them myself. Wd community is large. There are some who do need potions. But in fairness to pg, since they released a good qol change, many grinders have been using less potions. There are some bases which are very high level but virtually no defence. So levelling up just got a whole lot easier

I need heal potions :pleading_face:

I need a healing rune/glyph for Krelos: the buff has expired

You have 4500+ healing pots u dont need a healing rune, u need click the healing button :nerd_face: