Legendary VS Mythic Dragons gameplay

Our team tries to incorporate the daily grind with fun! Everyone playing Wardragons started playing because of the fun the game provides and relief of daily stressors. As we talk about changes to the game, Pickle777 has made a suggestion and would like PG to know we are only wanting to improve gameplay for all levels. Please read his thoughts…

Tower levels have to keep being added to force players to get new dragons and not just fly Xul all day. There’s also definitely dragons that can hit up.

Legendaries unfortunately are rarely all that good, especially defended. They’re more often used to support smaller players, for rss in their line, etc. However I also think they shouldn’t be as good as a mythic so there’s a fine balance there.

Can you give more context when legendary dragons begin to feel underpowered? We balance the game such that you need the best dragons to beat the best bases. In this sense, mythic seasonal dragons may feel like a necessity for end game play. But legendary dragons should still be useful for early and mid game players (roughly anyone under level 500). From your experience, is this the case?

We also monitor win-rates for all dragons, whether they’re legendary or mythic. If a dragon is underperforming, we will consider buffs.


Just curious - do you monitor win rates for defended vs. undefended?

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Why replying in image? Will only make replying much harder.

Also, need to further define “viable”
Is it ability to solo undefended? 1d? 2d? 3d? Or putting a meaningful dent to the base, fulfilling the role of setup / cleaner?

How about the base itself? Short kill? One long kill? 15 towers? 1-6? Or full length?

How about flying style / difficulties?


Pickle is replying via image as his phone does not support his long replies. He is unable to see the content as he is posting so will be replying with an image

both: undefended, 1 defender, 2 defender, 3 defender


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I think it is completely fine to be amazed by Kinnara first, then by your first random legendary, then by an actually good one like Gryff, Asura, Krelos, Marav, Gilas, others could name their favorites, then eventually by your first mythic and so on. Later, legendaries help with tier-based events like Assault.

Aside from the win percentage tracking, perhaps @caelym could also hint roughly at the percentage of players under L500 vs. over L500, or percentage of players who have divine mythics, to give the OP some perspective.

I never understood why they spend months creating these dragons only to have one viable option for legendary seasonals, if you’re lucky. Lots of people that don’t get mythics horde their sigils until all the dragons are out and buy whichever the community finds to be the best legendaries. Especially for people under 500, it always sucks spending your limited sigils on a dragon that falls flat on its face.

Most of the time it seems to be the spell kits. And it’s usually pretty obvious to players why they are bad dragons and most skilled flyers could probably come up with 10 different ways to improve the spell kits. So im always bewildered when PG lets 70% of their legendary dragons get released with unfunctional spell kits.

Happens in lineage dragons a lot too. Ive lost count how many dragons cant even do the atlas pve base for exp. If their spell kit cant keep them alive in such a nerfed base, how on earth are they supposed to be used against a player?


Most of PGs short comings seem to stem from them valuing “whales” and not giving a crap about how the game functions for everybody else.

Take this season for example. The whales only get 19 keys in first 2 weeks. PG immediately puts in another key. And Acsension tokens? No more than glorified extra keys for everyone who doesn’t get 2 mythics. The whole ascension token was designed for them to have, and others to not have.

As far as I can tell, thats where most the games balance issues stem from: appeasing the whales and forgetting common players almost completely.

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I wholeheartedly agree to your point of view. If such a high percentage of dragons are completely useless, then why waste the time and money developing them. My perspective, reduce the wasted time and investment and thus reduce the fiscal demand on the players to offset inefficient use of the time by the PG employees.

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The main purpose of my discussion thread here was to hopefully point out the fact that most legendaries are utterly useless. I love looking at the new dragons, but I refuse to rune up a crappy legendary because chiseling off the mythic runes to attempt to polish a poor dragon is just again a waste. E2P and F2P players need to focus on efficiency of using our limited rss. I save rubies, chisels, dust, chests, and etc. I only use these rss when they maximize their payoff. Otherwise, you will not make it very far in this game. So again, I just think PG wastes their time making these crappy legendary dragons. They serve no purpose, AT ALL, for any player at the end of tier. And on the slim chance it does show promise, then it will be nerfed. Dragons should NEVER be nerfed. I put 2 mythic ammo runes on Gilas, and other mythic glyphs on him. Removed high value runes from calavore to make Gilas better. Then PG nerfed him. To remove those runes it cost me 500 chisels. I contacted PG to ask about compensation for this change in product AFTER release and I was not provided any compensation. I’m just saying this is a trend that is too familiar and it HURTS the the E2P and F2P players. It cripples us. So yeah, when I say legendaries are useless, I believe they are because they are constantly depressed to the point that mythics are the ONLY dragons that matter now. Sorry, just my thoughts.

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Give me a legendary dragon that requires technical skill to fly and offers players a CHANCE to compete. Don’t hand us a piece of garbage and expect us to enjoy it just so the mythics look better.

I quit leveling everything long long ago waste of resources in what’s become a resource management game…… :man_shrugging:

And as you approach 500 you either have a mythic divine or your offering no competitive play and you can forget attacking up with these pay to compete mechanics!

Unbalanced engagement and a defensive core objective on that map!

Yeah so anything other than a divine is worthless for everyone over 500 and they are basically worthless for everyone approaching 500 who’s actually trying to play competitively on that map…….
That’s pay to compete making mid game content worthless! Lol
Not much left of mid game :man_facepalming::boom:


Ive played 4-5 years and have spent money beyond E2P, but mainly am E2P, and thats part of the reason im retiring this season. Over the years they have released dragons with HUGE issues. Even mythics, I remember Narylth had a broken spell that they didnt even plan on fixing until the next season. Im not sure if they ever did fix it. Mistakes are made, not a problem. But rather than compensating players, they say suck it. The players always take the hit for their oversight, and they dont care one bit.

It is disheartening to hear and see so many long time players discussing the concerns with the game mechanics but there is an inherent dismissal approach. Myself, the content trend does not look overly promising. If price points continue rise then heck, might be time for myself to leave the game. I am finding it harder and harder to want to continue to invest even for E2P when the content is stagnant. To few good dragons, too many garbage dragons. Atlas prizes are fun, but I have all the mythic gear (offensive and defensive) for all the elements… sooooooo yeah… now what… start another mythic set of a repeat element. Ohhhh yeah… that’s right… too few dragons that are even good. So you have too few dragons, more gear than dragons worthy of gear, stagnant content, and this is the recipe for success? I am very confused.