Legendary VS Mythic Dragons gameplay

You have no true long term offensive objective in what’s supposed to be a long term tactical war game :man_shrugging:
So yeah kinda nothing to drive engagement for you so it’s kinda of confusing ……lol
Seems like we might have a issue with the mechanic sets core objective! Lmao

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Guys can we intentionally lose with Aerow please?So it can be buffed.Lets lower the win rate.Thanks.hahahaha.Just kidding or am I?


LMAO. Paskinel, that is genius!


What’s sad is he’s probably right ……
Data dependent decision making seems to be the only factor pg considers these days……

And instead of looking at data bean counters produce and asking for feedback they might want to consider actually taking some player advice instead of running damage control afterwards ……

For example :arrow_heading_down:
Still no hunt phase adjustment ……
Bean counters dragging their feet Pg? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You can let the bean counters ruin the hunt phase later………

Or you can take some player advice and just adjust drop by density and yes it’s as easy as adding a plus +1 to our monument drop during hunt phase.
We don’t need hunt phase monetization or more burden of play……

I agree Malik. Statistical analysis is fine, but there has to be a concordant evaluation tool to pool the players themselves. They used to ask players what they thought of the season and the dragons back in the day… now it is just here is what we offer. Take it or leave it… cause… we gotta start creating the next season stuff without forethought on if the current approach is sustainable.

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It’s all built upon short term mechanics :man_shrugging:
And at this point we need integration and sweeping changes to the map and the core game to bring them together and provide balanced long term play.

Short term rewards “gear runes and riders “ that are made to expand so they appear to offer a long term objective…… when the reality is they are only rewards for engagement.

Short term repetitive events that cycle and promote power creep and are used to drive revenue by being the basis for league rank ……thereby making the map detrimental and
non-tactical and basically pointless!

And that’s where the majority of conflict and engagement is supposed to take place? Lol

The team based long term core objective of defense produces elimination mechanics
so it will quickly produce a winner ……and that’s exactly what it’s doing…… because it’s a core objective utilized in short term tactical games and long term defense does not and never will support long term escalation or conflict! :man_facepalming::boom:
What we call fun ….


I think what everyone is saying is that we like the dragons of the game. We enjoy flying the dragons and ultimately would like the dragons ALL to be viable until they naturally phase out. The threshold is set for level 500. :thinking: Although I do believe that there are more players around this range, it discounts those of us that have been playing for 5+ years. I do believe anyone in a Sapphire + team is generally E2P or P2P, to some degree.

So, to cap players at 500 may be in essence more of a problem than a baseline for play. PG needs to be able to collect data in some way. I don’t disagree with this, however, player feedback should be readily solicited. Posting in the forum is nice but there are generally no real solutions until a vast majority protest. Although there are only a handful of people responding here, my guess is that if PG solicited this for feedback that this group is not a minority.

Give legendary dragons decent speed kits. Make them viable for ALL levels of players. They will naturally phase out bc by design their power isn’t as great. We are given 2 choices of Mythic in the event. If I don’t fly sorcerers then I’m stuck with a warrior. If I don’t fly hunters, I’m stuck with a warrior (yes this is a pattern). Although I am not really talking about the variety of mythics, I do enjoy having a legendary that is useful and fun to fly. Krelos was amazing and phased out. I expected this and it’s okay but truly there’s not been another legendary dragon I have liked as much since except Gilas who was nerfed.

I intend to and have gotten a mythic every season for at least 4 years. Legendary dragons can be fun and PG spends a lot of time on the design and spell kits. We are just asking for further consideration.

Respectfully, GnomeQueen


@caelym Is this possible? :point_up_2:

Honestly I was hoping they would move in the same direction as they did with the lineage dragons. Make them all legendary, and use the keys to turn your favorite (or two) into a mythic. That would force them to make all legendaries viable, as well as give players a much needed break from the mythic cycle. Sucks theres one invoker a year for example…

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Select Legendaries can work in tandem with mythics.

To Sum up stop making this game like work otherwise PG will have to start paying the players to keep doing it.

Tandem as in along side ?
In a speed is king meta……?
Kerlos was yes and one or two others have been decent but none are really truly viable at near end game or for attacking up on that map. :man_shrugging:
Which is why they sit benched at level 1 in my den……
They are built to serve in lieu of a Mythic for smaller players but they don’t because where competitive play on the map really begins is where they become unviable and serve little purpose and so as you approach 500 or what’s near end game currently they cease to provide the needed strength to preform well.
And I will agree the burden of play defense produces makes it not fun :man_shrugging::pirate_flag:
So I quit doing that lol

Narlyth was a badass dragon, so idk what ur talking about here

And sorry, legendary dragons should not be usable at end game gameplay. If they were then the mythics would have no point in striving to get them. I think y’all forget there are other players in this game who are not at end tier who can put legendary dragons to use. Why do we need every single dragon released to be end game capable? The idea of having every dragon be able to do everything we want sounds very boring to me.

I dont think its that, so much as they need to be viable. Like the lineage legendaries being unable to do the atlas pve base. Why spend time developing a dragon people cant even use to do a simple gold run?

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He was fun to fly yes, but one of his spells was still broke at the beginning and idk if it ever got fixed. Just remember it was still broken when I flew him the next season.

I believe it is still not functional lol

Didn’t notice anything wrong with narlyth. You two must be warrior fliers lol

I have flown mainly hunters for almost 7 years lol
And you missed the flawed spell set on a well known hunter ?…….and you fly hunters….? :man_shrugging:

If you are asking me if I remember a specific spell issue from years ago……no, no I do not.