Leo now is broken

I just did an invader base full of archer and cannon. And guess what, Leo now becomes even more worthless. Normally, 50% HP will activate starburn. Now, it’s less than 30%. Guess i should never trust a discounted dragon :man_shrugging:

Well play PG

@PGJared @PGPulse
Could you please take a look at this. I want at least some dragons to run invader bases lol

My Leos almost died and I never got the passive damage buff(at least any visual cue). So is the passive broken completely or just the visuals?

I got the passive kicked in at about 20% ish (when the screen starts flashing)

It should be when lower then 55% … to be active…
If its as you say , then its a big failure for Leos!

@DragonPunch @PGMichael Could you look about this please, not that during balance changes a mistake happened.

I just did a run on invader base :man_shrugging: Was waiting for the spell to kick in at 55% but nothing happened

confirmed, not kicking in passive until around 25% life

Hey Everyone,

I’ll take a look and have a fix out in the next hour.


Thank you for the quick response. We’ll be waiting for the fix

Yes I’m very disappointed with Leos! He was a waste!! Should have save all my Sigils. :roll_eyes::-1:t4:

@Dakhunter I just pushed a fix for this. Seems like this was an unintended change. Sorry everyone for the confusion!


Appreciate it

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That’s a very fast fix, nice!

Fixed to how he was? It doesn’t look like it

I concur. Update is not live yet

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@Dakhunter try again now. Sorry, looks like there was a typo!


It’s fixed. Thank you

Can someone tell me how to tell when the passive is activated (other than noticing that your shots are doing more damage?). People have mentioned that he lights up or something but I am not seeing that…
Does the passive spell icon light up or is it Leos himself? What am I looking for?
I must be blind! lol

when you destroy a tower, there should be like a shooting star falling down upon a building.

Unless mine is bug, but that is the case when it is activated.

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So that happens just once when it is first activated? Or does it continue to happen on every tower from then on once it is active?
Just wondering how I can tell if it is remaining active or not.

I have leo on my alt account and text will actually flash on screen telling me it is active. Unfortunately, most of the time, my hand is blocking that text so it’s harder to know when it activates.

Edit: Once it is activated, it remains active for the rest of the run (or until Leo dies).