Leos blazing shield seems weaker

I have loved flying my leos but lately he doesn’t seem to be getting as much hp back with the blazing shield is there a glitch or something going on? @PGEggToken

I’ve noticed that, too. The health regained seems to be random, not fixed.

Not experiencing that at all but I’m only at gold tier. In fact sometimes I hit shield and it’s more like a 60-70% boost doesn’t make much sense to me at all but definitely doesn’t seem worse by any means

I have been waiting to heal when attacking until the damage boost kicks in. The first heal sucks, but the second takes him back to full health. Dunno why.

He’s level 25 I think…

That kind of makes sense. I don’t use him a whole lot but got under half health and a bit later boom huge heal from a shield. Dunno how it works lol

I think I read somewhere that it’s supposed to regain 25% of Leos’s health every time it’s used, but that’s definitely not happening. At least for me lol

I don’t remember that. Thought it was just 35% or something heal

Huh. :man_shrugging: Either way, it ain’t quite workin right :crazy_face:

I know the spell is not the only factor, but that hasn’t changed anytime in the past month:

Ive definitely noticed that the healed amount seems random. Sometimes it heals a very small amount and occassionally I’ll get a large amount healed. Would be great to know if the spell is glitching. Seems like there have been a lot of issues with Leos working correctly. Wish they’d make the healing work with his runes

Maybe 35% of their current health status? Then it becomes clear why healing is “accidental”.:face_with_monocle:

I was wondering the same about the heat shield on scorchil - over the last week or so. Possibly related?

There’s a rune for invincibility and explosive shield… should have one for heat shield too!

Make it a glyph!

I thought I read somewhere that the shield is suppose to heal 25percent the first use then heals 45percent after that and only stops 70percent of the damage I could be wrong tho but I’m about 90percent sure that’s what I read anyway

I’m 75% sure your 90% certainty is 100% accurate. However, I’m only 50% excited about the 25% you reference since 99% of people here would be happier with the 45% 100% of the time.


Agreed, I have also noticed an element of randomness to the amount of HP restored, although in general it gets larger with successive castings.

Someone said that the HP restored is a percentage of HP lost, not total HP, so the more injured your dragon is the more health you get back on casting. I don’t know if that’s true or not. It would however fit the empirical data, providing a variable amount of healing which gets larger as you get further into the base.

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87% percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

That wont happen any time soon. It seems glyphs are going away slowly. Even the season trees didnt have them this season. I haven’t received a glyph in 3 months except for the common fireball glyphs that they give out each week in the team prizes. I have about 30 of those and no dragons with fireball :rofl:

I’m 100% sure this is the other 13%… ish.

We’re asking for it… I’ll make a spot for you on the bandwagon if you wanna jump on.