Leos glitching!

@PGCrisis @PGDave Hey my Leos seems to not be getting his dark flak resist at all, its weird my screen glitches when playing almost as if I’m seeing frames. thanks for help

Vid or pics? Also, dave deals with atlas ideas and concepts, not dragons and related spells.
Edit: make a ticket before coming to forums :smiley:

Nah no videos and if its glitching on mine someone else has already put in a ticket lol

That’s not necessarially true, right now, all we know that it’s only happening for n equals 1. There’s no indication it’s happening for n>1.
Putting in a ticket would document it in PG’s system vs a forum.
Also, “someone else will do something about it”…

Sweet didnt realize I was sending a message to a Psychologist thought it was a game forum, but thanks for the update on human behavior. duly noted. what it actually means is I didnt feel it affected my game play enough to warrant a ticket, however might be worth mentioning to see if other players are having the same problem. Then based on what I find here I might consider sending a support ticket. People do have different processes of thought yours is short simple much like a monkey. I consider all options, get feedback, determine a problem(if there is one), and plan action much like a human. see what I mean there, no reason to be a smart ass on forums bud


How many is that now @Lutrus? :joy: :joy:

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I didn’t even think Lutrus was being a smartass. Just pointing out if everyone assumes the other did something, it won’t get done. OP was more of one if you ask me.

Don’t take my title away from me! :rofl:
But thaaaank you for seeing it the way I intended it.


Wow. You seem a bit triggered. Lutrus was pointing out why it’s important to not assume someone is going to fix your problem for you without them even knowing that you have a problem and you’re giving him shit? Maybe you should just drop War Dragons and stick with a game more in line with your maturity level, such as Candy Crush or Run Sausage Run.

Posting a link about human behavior when it has nothing to do with what is being said or dicussed is being a smartass. anyways, since posting here and asking around game, I have found that other players are having similar issue not just with LEOS but the game interface in general glitching. I have decided this warrants a ticket and will be submitting one. Thanks for any and all feedback everyone on thread. Happy Flying!

Dude. You can take your shoe off and call it a cheeseburger all day long, it’s still a shoe. You can say that your incorrect attempt at escalating an issue is correct, it’s still incorrect.

exactly guy you’re over here calling a shoe a cheeseburger, that again has nothing to do with the topic I did chuckle a bit though so good for you buddy. You use the resources and methods provided your way and I’ll use them my way. Even if its incorrect according to you.

If there is an issue with a specific dragon or the game, please submit a ticket (as I think you already have done). Make sure to include any relevant screenshots or videos as it is always nice for us to have visuals of the issue when we send it over to the engineers. Thanks!

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I have thanks @Arelyna

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