Leos lvling doesnt sync with all other dragons

I wanted to lvl leos to 40 but it asked that i needed to have a den of lvl 35 but all other devines need a lvl 35 den on lvl 42… can any 1 at pg explain that?

This seasons dragons have different level requirements from past divines.

You can go to dragon-manager.com to see the different requirements for each dragon.


That doesnt make sense, that means those season dragons are always less strong then previous dragons… for same lvl ofcourse

This season have Mythic Power, last seasons have Legenday power. Different power = different requirements.

each season increases the divine dragon’s attack power.

No one would get the divine dragons if their stats are not better than the old one.

Checked your site and power is the same on every lvl, only difference is that the new divines have 5 more lvls to go… so it doesnt make sense the new divines need a higher lvl den halfway there tree.

It isn’t my site, but I did do some charts of dragon level new vs old, and attack power new vs old from that site. Old is Necryx (Blue), new is Avyx (Red) data.

I can tell you that at some places the new dragons are higher. At level 120 on my main account, Leos is 24 and Necryx is 22.

I may add some even older divines at some point to see how their attack power stacks. Each season the dragons get slightly stronger. Also, it should be noted that new dragons evolve to platinum as early as base level 108 and older ones evolve to platinum at 114.

I am not entirely sure why all these changes were made, I can just tell you that is what they are.

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Mythic strength? That’s insane. I’m not high enough to have witnessed this change, but from my estimate Avyx is taking a longer while to level up than the other event dragons (e.g. Aster and Chimerak)

They high higher final strength, but they triple in power from 50 to 60. They are heavily weighted to the end.

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Stronger does not always means stronger at the same level.

Or that they follow the same curve (granted, this does “project” them all to the same level, but the numbers are accurate:

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