Leo's Resurrection Branch - Official Discussion Thread

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years! Leos is back. Read this new type of blog format we’re trying out called the Designer’s Journal - where we have a game designer discuss our thoughts on the content we are creating.

What do you think of the Leos Resurrection Branch
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At least i know what im not getting


Will the prizes be increased 20% similar to how they were with Equestor’s resurrection branch?

15% increase for 3 weeks


Umm yeah, no people specifically voted for Leos because of his runes. I doubt there were many votes for the actual dragon, just people wanting his Pride runes. Without those this line is completely worthless for the cost, no matter how amazing Leos’ hair is
Leos wasnt even that good back in the day, his line was just discounted, had a good portrait and amazing runes. The fact that there was a dragon in that line didnt matter that much.


Well I was going to get this for the rune of pride… I guess I’ll see what else comes out…


Just wondering why the runes not only are worse than the originals, but additionally are worse than any other runes currently offered? The secondary effect is usually 5%/8% health boost but now its the “primary” and only 4/6%. Didn’t this same thing happen with the mythic?


I’m still not gonna get Leos nor advise my team to get him but I am glad the PG team made an effort to make him slightly more viable while retaining his play style


It’s shame you wasted time rehashing this dragon. Without the rune of pride, I can’t imagine many people will actually do the line…


no rune no sigils for this line :man_shrugging: saves me effort


Didn’t Equestor line have the original runes if I’m not mistaken?

Well no Rune of Pride makes this a definite no for me.

And all seasonal mythic glyphs for warriors have always had 8% HP when maxed. Why the decreases in HP for the runes and glyphs?


This line seems like a complete waste to me. I don’t see how the “updated” spells are a match for today’s current lvl of max towers


So essentially we just keep the old and/or bought/inherited accounts as the most powerful and keep it so that new players cant compete on equal footing despite their contribution to the game as a whole. The logical solution to having an overpowered rune that you choose not to remove from the game is to give all player at least access to acquire it. If everyone has to use the same engine then at least the field of competition is fair and it then comes down to piloting ability. Simply denying new players the ability to compete on equal footing kills the game vs inspiring new players to remain loyal and active with the knowledge that spending enough time in the game can result in you eventually being able to fight on even footing with an older, probably larger, account that has base and dragon runes you simply cant compete against no matter how much real money you might be willing to put into the game.


I believe so.


Well, that’s more sigils for another line! Without the runes this dragon is (was?) a pretty warrior who may just be solid against Fire Temple Raid but nothing more.

I don’t like the spell change either. Lion’s Rage which is crucial for this warrior damage is triggered later (slightly, but still). That means more time wasted until Leos can kill things or use his shield for protection, because it delays Lion’s Rage activation.

Also the runes are completely wrong. Leos has one active spell. ONE. And it’s an instant healing shield. Equipping the new runes would be detrimental to Leos since he can’t heal as often because the spell LAST LONGER. So runes are basically just good dust.

I shouldn’t care that much. I shouldn’t. It’s the resurrection of a Dragon I earned years ago and loved, one of the two or three Dragons that definitely look catlike (with Balahm and Nydryr). But I do care because that’s my only Expert Obsidian Divine and I have fond memories of it.

I’m heartbroken over what you did to my Goldenboi.

May be overreacting…


Equestor’s original Runes did make it back.

People who wanted to finally get those Pride runes

People who got Leos back in the day


Leos :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This is what we truly missed out on from this branch, and here you can see the new runes/glyphs in comparision.


Well, such disappointment, I’m sure most people thought it was going to come with his original rune same as equestor but it isn’t the case, so not interested. I wanted the runes, I’m sure I’m not the only one who voted Leo just cause his runes, we have plenty of glyphs. Besides saying we wouldn’t have released powerful rune, kinda too late for that, could’ve would’ve should’ve, the rune it’s there, many people have it, if other people are willing to spend to have two or have it for the first time, I don’t see anything wrong with it, the rune was released already. Thanks for the effort anyways, I’m sure other people will find him fun to fly. Not for me. Waiting till next wave. :pensive: