Leo's Resurrection Branch - Official Discussion Thread

TBH, I’m glad. Not a fan of resurrecting dragons. There’s something to be said about nostalgia, about going back to a place in time. Tarand was my first full season, and it holds a special place in my heart. I’d be upset if he came back, and anyone could get him. It’s a badge of the commitment put into the game over the years. Nothing wrong with an homage to the past, but bringing them back, no.


They brought us his cousin Tarax. I don’t think they’ll revive Tarand. You’re safe :laughing:


Honestly I skipped all the new spell kit description until I found the rune section :joy:. That gives you a clue lol. In fact I voted this drag just cause his rune. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. We rarely get a good legendary drag, like Fomhar :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, I remember Fohmar was a choice because it was the best of the list.


How out of touch is PG with it’s own game, they thought people actually wanted this drag :joy::joy: people voted for the runes :man_facepalming: All those that said "Resurrection means same spells same drag " are wrong again , but I’m sure plenty will still have nothing but wonderful things to say as they praise PG for everything they do


These old dragons should be discounted at 50% because they are useless now days.

PG, please stop release useless dragons: outdated dragons, pathetic festive dragons, and other dragons that no one really uses.

This game has many good looking dragons, but a lot of them are wasted due to poor utility. Maybe you need to release Leos MK II with improved spells. Also can you test the utility of any dragons on REAL bases before you release them?


If you don’t want the dragon, just don’t claim anything in the branch.

I don’t think anyone is praising anyone else. You just catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Or more attention with constructive feedback instead of “This sucks!”.

(This is not personal, just a simple comment to remind members to be constructive if possible).


Rune of pride is the only reason anyone would get that branch. No point now.


Call me when one resurrected dragon is Fomhar cause I doubt a simple buff will do anything too Leo’s he still fails in war even if he’s above a bases level with smart defenders and the newer towers just render him a useless dragon

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Leos had a portrait?

The Radiant Huntress

I remember how much Arelyna loved that portrait


Thank you, I was totally unaware of that

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Also people who wanted a second set :innocent::joy:


But Leo sucked the first time… why are you bringing back the bad dragons of the past? Bring back a decent one next time please.


Pg should know by now that the pride rune is the only useful thing come with leos
That spell set won’t survive even 1 defender even with the change

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
Albert Einstein


Like many others I voted for Leo’s just for his original runes. Without them he is rather useless and not even close to worth using sigils on him.

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I thought that portiat belonged to Equestor? :thinking:

Useless dragon for 37k sigils?!! I’ll pass that…