Leos runes broken

Well, I went for the Leos line just because it was half prized and his runes looked interesting. Hold and behold, his runes are broken ! Put one on a dragon, maxed it and I was looking at a HP+6% increase… well… it shows zero difference between before and after in the dragons’ HP.


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Probably because it works only on Leos

Not exactly from what I understand. The Equestor runes work on Borgian too. And I understand it doesn’t work on Leos either.

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Have you tried the rune on Leos? Does it work on him?

Someone else reported it here:


You’re right, no change on HP after Rune set into Leo’s ! They have to fix this… even when you press the shields while attacking… you can’t see status bar on target while you’re in the bubble with Leo’s… it’s annoying!


Yes, I tried it even on Leos. No change at all.

me too see no different after put on the rune for Leo

I opened a ticket two days ago and still no response. @Arelyna

@xVoldaRx, there are a lot of tickets in our queue right now, and support is trying to get through them as quickly as possible.

Thank you @Arelyna ! I’ll wait then.

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