Leos' Runes Of Pride Visual Bug

Dragon Lords,

Thanks everyone who sent in reports of the Runes of Pride not working correctly. After further review, we found that the runes of pride are actually working as intended, however there is a visual bug in which the dragon’s HP is not increasing when you view it in the training menu. Rest assured though, in game the rune is working.

In the screenshots below, you’ll see the results from our test environment where Noctua’s HP stat doesn’t increase with an Epic Rune of Pride equipped, compared to its HP during battle, where you can see that the HP has actually increased.

We’ll be working on a fix for our next major update so that the HP stat in the training menu increases properly when viewing a dragon equipped with a rune of pride.


Can you confirm that his runes will not work in increasing the amount of health his shield heals for? In other words, it falls into the boosts and research category and doesn’t increase base health?

Also, for the linked thread, it was asking if the lower Dark Flak resist is meant to be lower than usual relative to other resist secondaries.

It is still useful to know that the HP boost is working in the backend, though. :smiley:

I’m reasonably sure it works the same as research, but we’ll look into it and get back to you.

Does this also effect having both Runes of Pride equipped on Leo’s? It was a tad soul crushing to place a second rune on him, and upgrade it, only to see that his health had not changed. :pensive:

I think of it as a rune or glyph usually acts which is applied like a dragon boost at the start of match…when you equip a tower rune u do not see the stats visually change, there is a reason for this and that is because some buffs are more valuable than others simply by how or when they are applied.

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Can someone explain to me why this is thought to be a good rune? Honest question why would you want to take up a rune slot for this as opposed to rage? The epic rune gives 1% HP boost (I know most won’t be using this on leos, but who is worth using a rune slot for this?), and I doubt the new players they are catering to have dust to level it up unless they aren’t new just don’t play much. Honest question. I’m only up to gold legendary dragons so I’m sure there are plenty of things I don’t understand.

Edit: I don’t just mean the Epic rune, but why would a rune slot be taken up with this? I know with anything % related the higher level you are the more it does.

Epic is 4%, cant rememeber legendary and mythic but id imagine atleast 10% combined which is great for a warrior and even so for flak resist in my opinion bc with flak dealing such high damage that little extra will go farther dps wise

It’s 1% before enhancing it. You’ve maxed yours. I’m not using the rune, rune slots are too valuable for this epic rune to take one up. Maybe one of the better ones is worth it, but I’m gonna guess I’d rather have rage.

Every little bit can count

For sure, but you only get 2 rune slots.

That’s good to hear but what about the runes being three on the branch and all three not having a second spell buff like it’s rune/glyph predicesors? Could we not change one rune to a glyph please?

That’s extremely unlikely, but I’ll bring it up with the team.

What was the logic behind making all 3 of them runes in the first place?

& another linked post in that reply too

@DragonPunch, how do I bring up that status menu during battle, the one that you have in your second photo? I would like to have that when I fly sometimes.

Someone somewhere will have a melt down no matter what they do or when they do it :joy:

It’s a dev screen, it isn’t available for public. This is likely also the screen that Jared used to test out flak damages

Probably can turn it on with a certain hidden menu or sequence of events. Unless they use a completely separate build for dev work. In which case theres no guarantee that things work the same in the dev build as in the release build, which makes bug isolation more difficult.

Anyway it would be nice to have that kind of transparency under our control, rather than pulled out when they want it and hidden when they want secrecy.

Note to self: Figure out how to enable dev mode

Things have changed since the days of Konami code and rosebud :stuck_out_tongue: