Let me get this straight

Whatever it is, can we ask for some sort of reasonable heads up for changes, please. A lot of us have been waiting a long time (since the last Plat rollout, ages ago), and would have made sure we were eligible if we had been given advance notice. I’m tired of training people to play the game and only have them leave for Atlas teams.


Thank you. That is the question I was actually asking.

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Anyone with the API info or data miners help with this data please?

Number of Atlas teams in each gold league?

This is a bit out of date:

league atlas teams
gold1 82
gold2 80
gold3 39
gold4 8
gold5 1
silver1 1
silver2 0

But it would probably be more helpful to only list active teams (eg with more than 40 players) in each league.


Thanks, how outta date we talking?

G1 with that though is 20.55%, 17-18 teams shy of a one in four in G1 have Atlas.

5 teams as an average per sub G1 league have Atlas. What ranks in events get the better rewards, the top 5.

The policy going forward is that all Plat teams will be added to Atlas at set times throughout the season. I think we do it at the end of every week.

EDIT: This is incorrect, we add new teams at the beginning of each Season, not week. Sorry about that everyone. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up.


That would be … amazing. In a good way.

Screenshotting this and putting this on my “Players are happy” wall.


Well it’s not weekly. Support mentioned 3 weeks for consideration, that’ll be 4-5 weeks from now to find out.

I’ve been happy ever since Chunk was added

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Players are still not happy though look at endgame

@PGGalileo ?? Not liking the use of the word “consideration”, if that is a direct quote.

Sorry, it seems we add teams at the beginning of each Season not week. That was my mistake. I misunderstood a bullet point about team evaluation in an internal report.


oy, that’s no good. Take me off your wall of happy players. Put me on the wall of “really unhappy about communication”, as we were given no notice that there would be an opportunity to gain Atlas in P4. We could have easily met that threshold.


Sigh. Let’s see if I can find room for you on the other wall.


Because of that message my team decided to start a new one with the name people wanted way before I’ve joined. Lots of us sacrificed the rest of atlas elite (I had 24 days left when I moved to the new team), we lost players because not everyone understood what we were doing and decided to get on a more “stable” team. Lots of people lost a week of atlas progress (troop building and events). People were excited about that move and that soon we will have our name without losing much time in atlas.

Just like usually PG said something important, people made decisions based on it and PG goes back on their word. At least last time with atlas season ending date you guys decided to stick to it after an attempt to not do so.

This is as disappointing as it can be. I don’t know how will we tell everyone that PG confused internal reports again and we are going back to the team which name we hate but in smaller numbers.

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Ow, that hurts - but I’d wait and see what he comes back with before making that jump.

I, too, was thinking it might be fun to start a new team with a name I liked.

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I agree with you. We already made one huge mistake trusting forums and jumping on the opportunity. This time will definitely wait

So basically what I’m getting here and based on what I’m seeing is “never trust PG”
What can be made to even change their view points?
Cause they heavily depend on the whales, P2Ps, but one thing they don’t seem to be getting right is pleasing endgame. Well what about people who are close to it but not very close do they still got a say in things? Will the ZenDesk be more truthful? Or will this games social and support make it crumble underneath their feet.

This is just based on what I’ve seen over the life span of 3 years and this year was when I started seeing all this.

Yeah, that’s a bummer. I’m sorry that my mistake caused that to happen.