Let me get this straight

Very very few main game only teams get 8/8 and 10/10 making the season lines easy to get. You’re assuming the active player has an equally active team. Lots of main game only are missing up to 10 members due to inability to recruit without Atlas. All of this was mentioned earlier… nvm.

I’m lost on what the argument actually is anymore

PG seems to want us to have a more diverse roster with recent changes… I’m still of the opinion that all gear that comes out of the forge except elite should be max and not require shards to level. Let non-atlas teams forge all the legendary maxed out gear they want. It’ll give them a slight boost to deal with Atlas teams and everyone will have reasonable gear to put on any dragon of their choosing. Forging gear in it’s current state is outdated and could be fixed in a way that bridges the gap. Players would be able to use their scraps for leveling elite gear. I don’t see a down side.


Yess, we talked about this before :slightly_smiling_face: Can not tell you how much Scrolls and Shards get wasted trying to forge Legendary and Elite gear, much less level it :roll_eyes:

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True. And thats one thing I dont understand. Why players refuse to play atlas which makes main game easier.
I mean, if I ever decided to cut my time played down. Id just join a relaxed atlas team and just put in whatever time I have.

Friends and loyalty to the team are my main reasons.
Loyalty to the team as in the created team, name and all.

Each to their own I guess. Im loyal to real life friends and family. But a game I see as fun. And the fun I get out of a game for me is progression.
The onky real interaction from this game is via typing. Which I can still do in line chat so dont have to be on the same team.

Well, I’m a lazy Atlas player. For my 60 seconds I get 1000-2000 egg tokens daily for tapping on daily tribute and missions. A few more taps crafting gear in the main game, and woo-hoo, in a few days I’ve collected over 40k crafting shards of each element, 2000 scrolls or so, and about 400 hours of timers. Oh yeah, and 12k diamonds, which can be used to purchase Atlas chests - which give more crafting gear as well gold and bullhorns which can be used to reap more rewards during the troop training event - without even doing a single gold run, or a single attack in Atlas for glory.

The rewards don’t seem proportional to the level of effort involved, do they?

As has been mentioned before, one potential mechanism is to bring some aspect of these non-glory based rewards to the main game, perhaps an invader/xp type base which drops some amount of crafting materials.


For 60 seconds a day? Sorry thats bullshit.


Eh, 60 was your number, point is that is what I get for just tapping on a few things, not actually doing any real Atlas “work”, which I equate to earning glory, which takes quite a bit of time. So use whatever time you think is appropriate to check the rider mission status and collect tribute. I don’t count xp runs, as that’s something everyone has to do - but hey, in Atlas, you get stuff for just doing xp runs, too. I run the beasts exclusively so I get crafting materials as well as gold.

That was the number you also stated.

So you farm gold and shards even though you said :point_down::point_down::point_down:

This is all time accumulated in atlas. Without spending this time in atlas, gaining shards and gold. You would not be getting this :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Now you’re nitpicking to distract instead of discussing the broader point - you get a lot of stuff for doing very little. Again, 60 seconds was your number, I just adopted it to make a point. Maybe it takes 2 minutes? Doesn’t matter, does it? I don’t actually do runs for gold (“farming”), I just do xp runs on beasts and get gold and shards as a benefit - having Atlas means you get free stuff for doing xp runs, something everyone in the game does - is this really so hard to acknowledge?

I even suggested a possible solution for the stuff that is basically given to Atlas players, to which you didn’t respond:

Earning glory is real work, and should be rewarded. But there’s no reason Atlas players should have the opportunity to get all these goodies for what amounts to a few taps, while non-Atlas don’t have access to these same resources. Given that gear is not an Atlas-only feature (i.e., if gear value/benefits were only effective within Atlas itself, this wouldn’t be an issue), and as long as they maintain a restriction on teams gaining Atlas, they should create some means of earning crafting materials within the main game.


Just for context for the non-Atlas virgins:

The daily Egg Tokens are a daily collectible (much like the team token payout) that depends on your team’s CASTLES

Castles are fought for (or purchased on player-run Line Markets) or given by other teams. They still need to be defended, their infrastructure needs to be upgraded and therefore, the point still stands that atlas rewards require more work .

Carry on


Might I add… good luck even finding a castle to acquire, and when you do, it’ll be very costly, whether it be by buying it or by fighting for it


Many players just think atlas is all about collecting daily rewards, and later complain on forums how hard it is to gain glory tbh. Atlas is the only place where your player level does nothing, activity and Primarch level do. And dont come again with nonsense: im on D1 team. I maxed my first season on a platin team as a level 226, and that was only the second season i played.
Same nonsense when people daily say: Diamond are all whales.


I’m kind of baffled by the concept that atlas rewards are unfair. There are gold teams with atlas that anyone can join. I joined an atlas team as a level 25. If there weren’t decent atlas rewards why would anyone play atlas? The amount of work I put into getting atlas shards is more work than 99% of players put into the main game.

If you want atlas rewards join an atlas team or merge with another team to make a push up to a higher league to get access. If you just want to complain about it and do nothing about it then post on the forums.

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Again, as have mentioned in a few threads, is easier said then done. Am glad you were able to have the experience of getting it like you did, but everyone experience and progression in this game is different, that is not including obstacles such as the imbalance between Atlas and Non Atlas guilds, most of which PG has created, and has ignored for so long without addressing them.

Have you ever tried recruiting, especially now when so many Atlas guilds are in lower leagues :thinking: Probably not is my guess, and many guilds refuse to merge to a more experienced ones, so not much options there either. My guild and core members have been playing together a very long time, and agreed to not ever move, and is way is going be. We know we will struggle until our guild is full, and we are fine with that. Once we are ready, we will move forward, but not until then.

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Well atlas is more fun and just because you have atlas doesn’t mean you get the rewards handed over to you. You still have to work for them by being even more active in atlas.
Having atlas simply gives you access to be able to work for those rewards
If you are complaining about not being able to have access to work for these rewards ,the solution is to just join a team with atlas access.


Yes its a lot of work daily, all over the years. No one gave us the shards or Gear for free.


Ok, so, now that Atlas has been rolled out to all Plat IV teams and above, can this argument be put to rest? It’s done. It’s happened. Good luck to everyone that has now received the vast “free” rewards it bestows.

May the odds be ever in your favor.