Let’s change mage towers and save dragons

After getting hit by countless super shots from mage towers in Assault mode, I realized it’s time to change mage towers.

I see three problems with the current mage towers:

  1. Overpowered towers combined with mage towers force dragons to adopt white spells. This kills a major purpose of mage towers

  2. Mage towers sucks and prevent rage regeneration from dragons. This works well before, but OP towers made this too frustrating for many dragons. This in a way made many dragons useless, killed the fun of this game.

  3. Not enough damage from mage tower itself. Kind of a waste to level up mage towers except to let it survive a bit longer.

Now, PG should redo mage towers by make two changes:

  1. Mage tower will NOT drain rage anymore.

  2. Mage tower will have a lot more damage out put with its super-shot since it doesn’t rage drain anymore .

This should save many dragons, especially the rage dependent ones.

You’re getting carried away.


This would completely throw off any balance we currently have between classes :man_shrugging:

This seems to be a request to stop meta advancement and not likely that pg will stop advancing the meta of the game any time soon as this is how they cater directly to spending :nerd_face:


Get good.


I’d disagree with you.

  1. Sure white spells made it easier to avoid mages in certain circumstances but it also made impossible certain actions requiring the invisible umbrella of the blue mage to cancel cloaks and removing the cooldown, which is a crucial hunter skill.

  2. Mage towers have the role of syphoning rage. You either need to get rid of the mage towers with a lead Dragon or use your spells wisely (cloak, freeze, deflection, absorption) to avoid mage shots.

  3. Mage towers have a huge power: preventing the opponent from using powerful or disabling spells.
    High level mages have comparatively low dps but if you’re hitting up it certainly adds up. They also have an important protective role:
    Blue prevents the Dragon from using blue spells or cancelling them. Red protects the towers next to it and prevent spells from landing. Red mage supershot (blue mage I’m not sure) vaporises certain temporary summons (I don’t have a list).

About your solution: what’s the point of a blue and red mage with more pew pew? A static color shield with a bite? If you remove the threat of the mage shots freezing and draining rage what do you do of research about mage shots draining more rage? What will you do defending against dragons who were only vulnerable if you managed to rage drain them and mostly when the opponent messed up (or in my case panicked :laughing:)?

In conclusion I think mages are in the right place. Real lifesavers in smart defenses, frustratingly annoying in attacks, with reasonable power despite their lack of damage output.

Touching them up would make them overkill and a veritable headache for player who have played for years.

If the grammar is lackluster or if there are any typos I apologize, I’m typing this with very little sleep.

Edit: also that’s one of the most fun part of the game to learn to avoid mage shots in the nick of time and playing with blue mages with any blue-cloaked hunter. 'Specially Hauheset the Beautiful Queen of all Dragons :two_hearts:


I know. I’m just tired of seeing good dragons with white spells that cost zero rage.

Assault, dungeon, and temple raid just remind me of the diversity and fun we once had in War Dragon.

Honestly, it’s a waste for PG to come up with a dragon only to be dismissed by players because it depends too much on rage.

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Agree the meta is moving forward unbalanced and haphazardly with only one driving factor and is not balance or long term viability it’s driven solely by fast cash at the expense of long term viability!

I have attempted to point out where this imbalance is happening and was attacked brutally by this community :man_shrugging:Lol

Dragons advance and tower levels and types advance but our layouts remain static and unbalanced across leagues if they wanted long term viability they would move rank to map and teams position on map and use layout progression to drive combat and league rank on the map!

Provided they can remove these tactically defensive castles that create stagnation and use an actual open map that supports combat and long term play lol

  1. Hunters are important but what about other two classes of dragons. Over reliance on blinking does not help other dragons

  2. Draining rage is not needed in the era of ice flak and howitzers.

  3. Mage towers cannot prevent spells if spells are all white. This over dependence on white spells really killed many legendary dragons. It killed much diversity alone the way


Um… no.
That’s the whole point of mage towers. Dragons need rage and this removes it and counters spells of those colours.
Why not also remove storm/EF shields so they don’t stop a dragon doing damage to towers too?
From the attackers point of view yeh great, but as a defender no thanks…


I have an idea for a knew tower, a purple mage. it basically has the red mage shield and the blue mage cancel range for blue spells. This tower would not be op because, while you are essentially gaining another spot for a tower, if the purple mage is killed, red and blue spells will be able to be cast. And to stop having a double purple mage pg could limit the number per island to one.


The problem is, what you say doesn’t make sense. And when questioned, you just repeat the same thing over and over. People then just get frustrated banging their heads on the wall and so give up trying to talk with you about it. Honestly, there are about 15 threads on the forums that ive personally seen, maybe more, where you just say the same thing, shoehorning it into the post. But when questioned about it, instead of counter arguing, you’ll just copy paste a response, saying the same thing. Its tedious.


What would mage towers be good for then?

Mage towers can still stop spells with specific colors, but it’s less effective now with all the white spells.

Dragons, the ones PG wants us to buy, are designed to counter mage towers. The other dragons are left out.

If mage towers are not effective, why not change their roles. Dragons can have more fun killing bases, when rage drain is not a thing anymore.

Remove rage drain will inject excitement and change to both attacking and defending. PG just need to balance the game more.

You don’t see white spell tend to be weaker than colored spell
Like dead gaze has zero cooldown while death stare has 3s or dirge which has only 25x multiple and an absurdly long cooldown while deathgaze has 10000x multiple
Or crumble to dust with 4 rage and no red mage can annihilate and entire island but golden hex in fafnyr has a tiny radius and a cooldown?
I like mage the way it is and im sure 90+% of the players base actually wants to actually kill something with their base and not want themselves to be nuke by noob
and also as @RuRuRuntsfam said get good, learn to dodge mage cause most dragon right now design with a way to avoiding mage of some kind build in


Also try to kill naja without using mage
She can oneshot the ice on turn and without draining her rage the base is 99% dead meat


I think mage towers should stay the same but all sorcerors (ideally backdated to all previous lineage) should have a passive that allows them to not have rage frozen by mage shots, they still lose rage but it doesn’t freeze regeneration. If that would be to op, the freeze time could be halved instead. Just my thoughts.

Overall dont change mage towers. Change how dragons interact with them.

Maybe make it a research but put it earlier in the line somewhere, gold or so area?


I have no problem killing bases; I finished Assault mode without problems.

Yes, white spells are weaker than its colored relative. However have you seen the over abundance of white spells lately? Check out new dragons that have all white spells. Why is that so? Would you trade white spells for colored spells on your dragon? Oh, PG also introduced many spells that cost zero rage.

No, you don’t need mage tower to kill dragons. A bugged howitzer can kill dragons. I want people to think about the function of mage towers in the era of white spells and zero rage spells.

So if mage towers can’t stop white spells or zero rage spells, it’s time to rethink mage towers.

If they can still create a working combo, why not?
Dragons spellkit can’t be seen individually, but as a whole.


Ummm that’s their job description though :joy:


Uhm the super shot stop white spell that requires rage so the rage drain prevents the dragon from using spell
And white spell with zero rage like gig, if you cant get his rage to zero with mage drain then good luck killing him
So if you can kill base why are you complaining again?