Let’s Create a Team Achievement Award

Team Achievements 

For many teams, it is difficult to reach the highest achievement in each event whereas it is available. To obtain it, teams need to work together and remain strong throughout the event. The final prize (achievement), is undoubtedly worth everyone’s effort. However, one thing is missing: a team award. :medal_sports:
Everyone worked hard on all of the achievements and received the prizes, yes. But to add this progress to each teams’ information pop-up would give team members motivation and give teams bragging rights on how well they do together in events. All in all it’s a positive movement to help increase support for one another and a chance show some “bling”. Lol
What do you think? please be kind, no hateful remarks.

Note: corrected wording.

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I would add this to the list of good ideas to be implemented after all the current issues, bugs, and updates have been taken care of.


Why? Is obtaining medals really difficult in this game? Are teams having a hard time declaring wars due to a lack of medals?

I like the idea of including something worth value to the team achievements, more than just the “regular” prizes, but I don’t think medals should be it.

Medals are only valuable for declaring wars, and I don’t think team medals are at such a shortage for anyone outside of bronze that including them as a prize is worth anything.

If anything, items specific to the events should be included (i.e. energy packs/inner fires for PvPs, rss packs for build/feed events, etc)

Hi CaptBuckRogers,
My mistake for using the terminology “medals” as it does make the idea confusing. Maybe I should use: team trophy, team patch, team ribbon, team artifacts, etc. I hope this makes it more understandable, as it’s not meant to be complicated. This isn’t an award that pays out anything. It gives each team a boost in morale and “bragging rights” per se. Overtime a team will be set apart from others with these because they cannot be taken away; they are earned. It gives something to show for the hard work and determination by the whole team for which everyone can be proud.

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Ah, got it now. Yea, using the term medal can be deceiving since the game already has medals.

So yea, I like your idea. It’s reminiscent of The Great Contest but on a smaller scale, and not necessarily reserved to high spenders only.

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