Let’s Get Creative!(With Warriors, & Sorcerers)

Hi everyone :hugs:

This tread is about us(as a community) making a dragon(Warrior/Sorcerer) class from the group up…Of course with reason.

Pg lately been making good hunters and Invokers but are lacking on the warrior and sorcerer side of creativity, skilled, unique, and fun to fly.

When you make a spell kit:

Describe what the spell does and rage cost

Duration of the spell and Cooldown

If toggle spells, describe what order from start to finish when using the toggled spell/passive

Most importantly, put a “#” (Warrior or Sorcerer) When you’re done so we(as a community) know what the dragon class is.

Don’t be shy on naming your dragon either :wink:

Pg, get your note pad :memo: ready and take notes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorcerer : Galiga

Denigrate : White / 1 rage - freezes towers in a large area (similar to red freeze) and deals 15% of modified hp as damage to towers. 5 seconds cooldown

Undying soul /Passive / yellow : Dragon summons a warrior that reduces damage taken by dragon but doesnt damage the towers (similar to mordred;s spell)

Rumorous barrier / White / 2 rage : Shield dragon for 4 seconds and deals periodic damage for 3% of dragons modified hp/ 8 seconds cooldown

Devouring gossip /passive / yellow : dragons gains1.5 rage & 8% hp for every destroyed tower

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Warrior : Deriog

Thunderlog : toggleable spell

1 . Bolt mania / white / 1 rage - dragon can cast a lightning strike that targets 2-3 towers and deals massive damage
2. Rumble - blue - dragon shields for 4 sec and exploding deals 15% of dragons modified hp as damage

Rejuvenate - blue - 0 rage - increases health over time -8 sec cooldown

Storm shelter : white / 1 rage - dragon shields for 6 seconds and dodges only beam attacks (similiar to namaka’s spell ) 10sec cooldown

Adaptive immunity ;yellow - toggleable spell , gives 100% immunity from one type of flak , and gives 0.5 rage on cast

added warrior too




cash in:
Lays waste to an entire island for 20 dollars deducted from credit card 0 rage no Cool down

Can toggle on and off. -1000 rubies each second for invincible shield. White spell no Cool down. Drains 0.5 rage per second

Passive spell that generates a random number and deducts it from your credit card account. The frequency is also random

Calls in nuke from contacting Trump to decimate entire bases for 5 rage. All elemental embers will be exhausted and other random rss in inventory. White spell

To feed this dragon, Free. No cost even to fly, pg will offer it for free. @PGGalileo I think this is a fair deal, free dragon for a bit of price?


I like your thinking :joy: but that’ll be one expensive dragon to fly.

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That low key sounds like a amazing sorcerer to have :grin:

@FrontLineToDie added the warrior too

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That’s a awesome warrior :hushed:

Dam, why didn’t pg hire you?

I dont know lol :stuck_out_tongue: maybe their CF are full already

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Maybe but they can add another one :wink:

I think u should tag galileo and lawson , they might enjoy the ideas that will be posted here

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Ventae; commander of winds; warrior

Twister; red; 1 rage: (Like chain lightning but with a tornado) Dragon summons a tornado that randomly does (some) damage to nearby towers. (Twister lasts for 4 seconds and has a 5 second cooldown)
Wind Blast; white; 2 rage: (Like explosive shield without the shield) Dragon blasts nearby towers with a powerful blast of wind (Doesnt really have an amount of time it lasts; 8 second cooldown?)
Wind Shield; white; 1 rage (Couldn’t come up with a better name): Shields dragon for short amount of time; health is gained for every supershot the shield absorbs (Shield lasts for 3-4 seconds; 10 second? cooldown)
Hurricane; white; 2 rage: Dragon deals increased damage; for every tower destroyed, the dragon gains health (Lasts for 5 seconds; 10 second cooldown)


Love it :heart_eyes:

Only thing I’ll say, reduced it’s rage cost of some spells so he can be rage manageable then you got yourself a great warrior :smile:

can u put more stats ? he asked for viable warriors so nr might make this dragon better , however too many red spells will kill him before he can cast them

So… this dragon can’t be damaged by any base?

No breath weapon boost, so either Bolt Mania one-shots towers (making it overpowered) or this dragon won’t be able to kill anything defended, it’ll just do some damage that gets hammered, evade for 6 seconds and then die.


It’s ok, no one perfect here :hugs:

A little tweak here and their then it’ll be a good warrior.

it is similar to mordred’s spell

***editing that.

causing huge damage combined with shield that explodes makes him viable bud

That one reduces damage, not absorbing it, and does not take supershots.

No it won’t, the shield will never be cast because bolt mania didn’t take down the blue mage.

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I changed some spells and added cooldown and spell duration stuff

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What you got?

Would love to see you make a warrior/sorcerer, I’m very curious to see your creation :smiley:

yeah true , i wasnt reading up . Bolt mania + second barrier which works like namaka’s shield is the wining combo . He can cast two shields though

I can edit to this , this was my original thought tho