Let’s help each other out this assault event

For those having problems getting through red-6.
I cleared it with an expert Kin. Boosted with cannon resist.
Let’s continue to give useful information to help players get max rewards.


I’ve tried that and canit seem to get past 38%, thank you for the thread though . Hopefully I’ll learn something else I can try as people post more.

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Good point and I will try that. Much better approach than Git Gud.


No need for the boost :wink:

I added some consumable, but I’ll have to go back and look to see which.


I would suggest keeping this in line with what OP intends. Suggesting’s to help people clear it instead of saying we did it with less.


Aw, it was a lot of energy spent :joy:

Probably a good idea for everyone to be extra clear on whether they are talking about simply defeating a base (100% destruction, any AP) or going for the maximum score

Boosted expert Kinnarra does clear Red-6 but I ended up using Kirin and Sakura to max my score


Kin is the goddess of my red tier. Cleared all with only her.

How do we get a Max score though?


Least AP as possible

What do you mean by max score? We have to clear 100% to get credit.

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Good for you but how? I think it is great you cleared it but that does not help us know how you approached it.

She is Expert and I just constantly summon warrior and cannon resist. That is pretty much it.


Ooooh okay… I’ll try her without the AP boost next time.

Thx. I have found the summons dies to fast to keep up but maybe the cannon resist you and OP have used will keep it alive longer. I find this very humbling and questioning my playing this game. After all, we are talking about lowbie bases.

I just cleared a base. Got the points and reward screen but did not get promoted to the next base. lol

If you destroy 100% with low enough (20% or less of the base’s def power?) total Attack Power you’ll get the maximum possible score for that base. It’s very tricky. As of about an hour ago only about five people had maxed all 6 red bases

However, you don’t need to aim for a high score at all unless you’re gunning for a global ranking. The checkpoint prizes only require 100% destruction and nothing more


Thx. Sounds like something I should not be concerned with at this time since I cannot clear that simple little red base. lol But good to know.

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Sadly, I’ve never kept a divine at red tier. So no max score for me. But I never compete globally anyway, I’m just happy for the extra prizes available, and another chance to pilot my old friends!

Edit: Have cleared red and purple, looking forward to flying more old tiers tomorrow!

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It is great that you have cleared both. Considering the theme of this thread it would be great if you offered suggestions based on how you did it.


You don’t need a divine at Red tier. The common hunters are godsend.


If you’re able to post a video then people will be able to give more specific advice. With Red-6 rage research will help a lot. If your summon dies near the end of an island or in between islands don’t resummon until you reach the next island. The summon flies way ahead of your dragon and there’s no sense letting it get smacked by all the towers before either of you can attack them