Let us play on Android Tablets?

Hey, can we get WD compatible with Android tablets? I get the apple is more popular, but Android users are tired of playing on our little phones.

Android 7.7.1
Samsung Tab A

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I play both on android phone and an android tablet. Have no problems using my tablet. I have a Lenovo tablet. I also have a bush tablet both work fine.


I updated the OP, I have a Samsung Tab A. Don’t know anyone with a Lenovo, but my friends can’t DL the game on their tablets either. Odd that it would work on some but not all Android?

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Some android tablets have a weak soc(processors, graphics chips). Especially entry level products. Wardragons is rather demanding.
Hence the restrictions on google’s/PG‘s side.

Make sure your tablet has a powerful snapdragon(6xx series) soc or a recent Samsung(Exynos)/Mediatek equivalent to be on the safe side.

Ive had quite a few people that wanted to play but “their device wasnt compatable” these are all people i played gow with if they can play gow which isnt exactly an undemanding game why not war dragons?

Wardragons started as an iOS only game. My guess is that the port didn’t go smoothly, hence the performance issues.

Yea, I can play a bunch of other super demanding games on this tablet. I’m not techy enough to know what it’s running other than the Android version. :joy: But it can run other games with no issues, just not this one.

You’d think PG would be able and willing to take a second and open their game to more customers, no? 🤷

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab that works fine most of the time. When I get a lot of battle join problems, reinstalling usually helps (every few months). The default game setting is medium graphics.

This game does technically work (at least, in so far as it ever works :roll_eyes: ) on android tablets provided that the tablet is compatible.

Here is the thing that you have to understand - for tablets this game will only run on VERY HIGH END tablets, as a general rule.

The reason is because the price of a tablet is dominated by the cost of the screen and the battery. Cheaper tablets try to achieve their lower price point by skimping on the other hardware. Cheaper tablets will achieve their lower price point by skimping on memory, GPU, and even the CPU.

When I was looking for a dedicated device to play my alt on I initially wanted a tablet, but I couldn’t find any tablets under $400 that would run this game. I ended up going with a Motorola G4 phone instead, which you can pick up for $60 on Amazon with no service contract. Since phones have smaller screens and battery requirements they can invest more in the functional hardware without blowing the price point out of the window.

It’s just not available on the Play Store, though. It’s not even like I can DL it and try… It’s just not there. :confused:

It could be a software issue. I have a friend who can’t play the game on her tablet because the android OS isn’t compatable with the game, even though te tablet itself should be able to play the game without issue.

Its available on in play store thats where my alt got it

I’ve been playing on my 200 eur basic Samsung Tab A for the past six months, with no real issues at medium gfx. Crashes occasionally but far less than my android phone.

The play store includes some compatibility checking and wont show you apps that it thinks are incompatible with our device.

You can by pass this and download the APK file and manually install them. The APK file is available here https://apkpure.com/war-dragons/com.pocketgems.android.dragon

However dont expect it to work. You will probably find it unplayable once installed and will end up deleting it.

Yea, I’ve got the APK. It works okay. (From apkplz.com)

There’s no actual reason the game can’t play on this tablet… :confused: Sucks a bit.

Just bought a Amazon Fire HD 8, thinking it would be able to serve as a device for my alt. Rather cheap device, about $80, and had to download google play store and stuff to finally get to War Dragons. Due to this, it doesn’t run very smooth at all and often crashes. I went from very high graphics down to medium but that didn’t seem to effect the crashing issue. Might trade it back in for that Lenovo tablet (looks like about $200 though) that he said works. Just looking now at least it runs the latest android version vs some of the samsung tablets run older versions which is surprising. For the mean time, i may try out 2 accounts on 1 device, but heard mixed info on how that works and how secure it is so idk.

I just bought a Galaxy Tab s3, recovered my account and I get to 99% on the preparing your base screen and it just sits there. Left it for an hour. Tried deleting, clearing caches, rebooting and reinstalling and the same thing happens. The strange thing is it did run in the tutorial and even warned me about deleting that game data. Anyone else seen this?

I’ve been running it on an Asus Zenpad Z10 Verizon model for almost a year now. Runs great with full graphics and pretty smooth. My only issue is game locks up sometimes after 15 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours and normally when the attack screen shows 3 seconds… I tend to reload often especially during wars so I don’t get booted during an important hit.

I have seen that. Try a different connection. It has multiple servers it downloads things from and it cant reach one so it gets stuck. Or it might just be epically slow.

Change up your connection and if that fails then try letting it run at 99% for a very long time - like overnight. Probably will fix it.

That’s interesting, I tried reinstalling on the old tablet and it did the same thing. I’ll try at work today and hopefully I get lucky. Thanks!