Let us use red shards for more things

Anyone else have an excess amount of red shards? My suggestion is that we should be able to trade 50 red shards for 1 blue shard, or trading it for Prim XP. Anyone have any suggestions? Hopefully, PG sees this and takes it into consideration.


And also trade scroll for rubies please…

1 to 1 ratio.

My suggestion is that we should be allowed to restart any atlas riders, just like now, but you have to get glory again and reuse red shards to upgrade it

It would also solve the problem that people who have maxed all their primes can’t score in prime event any more.


PG isn’t doing trading posts and stuff anymore. It was exploited to death.

This would break their precious economy

PG might like this one as you more or less are killing troops and dead troops are good for them.

Let us use them for primach upgrades :pray:

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Scrolls whixh can be turned to something else i don’t need a mill plus period when i have all element elite gear :sob: and soon mythic gear well all gave of every element just a matter of time :confused: which takes no scrolls

Yes I have more then enough. I’m actually buried in them.


How about use them to upgrade elite gear to mythic?

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