Lethaldescent - no guard hits are counting

What happened the team is gone and their castles are flush with guards that aren’t registering hits. Would love to get some of that glory but seems it’s not working.


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This gives me the utmost confidence that PG can pull off land shuffle flawlessly :roll_eyes:


Ah, poor cock roaches :joy::joy::joy: Maybe it’s because the team doesn’t exist anymore… Or there is a new team in Bronze by the same name…or maybe the Dread bots over-heated and fried the servers​:joy::joy::joy:

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:rofl::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m betting more atlas battles gonna add to the load problems. We just getting a taste of it early.

agree the atlas server cant handle on team disbanding how is it going to do a lad shuffle

Don’t worry they can do it like a champ
If they don’t we can expect our compensation: 10 black pearl, 1 gold chest, 50 heal pots and 100 wood


I would settle for 50000 heal pots

The issue starts with waaaaaaay fewer primarchs on a castle than are on the LD castles. Don’t know how they can keep turning a blind eye to this. Makes raids or (:scream:) castle takeovers impossible


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They are counting. Just taking an hour to register :sleeping:

You can even get to the castles??? Man you’re lucky. I thought they had fixed this atlas lag.

After resetting my game three times, I found myself on the castle! It was a miracle

Man I’m jealous.33 minutes and counting :rofl:

What happened to the team?

They said someone got promoted as leader and kicked everyone else

PGGalileo You Guys need to send every freaking castle of LD that is up for grabs along with your mail so evry team in atlas has a chance to try taking one let it be a free for all like land grab you have so many in places ware you can’t get to doing it the way I’m saying is send all cords then while pvp bubbles are up any that want to can go there and wait on you to drop pvp shield and then the atlas assault can start !

Even if you can move to the castle you can’t attack you can’t die if you are attacked and you can’t leave and the whole time you’re there you will get no glory.

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this was only made public due to the fact of a forum and how it all went down and the league other then that no one would of knew about it but diamond 1 they wont send mails about all teams dropping!

this was nothing like land grabs! and even on land grabs they dont give cords!