Let's breed Sep 19-Sep 24 2019

Is this the best poster ever , absolutely love it , credits to @PoseidonPQ


Ferga, Kyrule, Gloomclaw and Pyrochis for me

research eggs and some of Oculex for me , decided to get research prioritised for mi flaks

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Rajin. :roll_eyes:

Lvl342 here. Still trying to get through obsidian !sob. Goddamnit im behind. Breeding Hedran and then I’ll finally breed Girasol for my perch. #windarmorFTW

Maybe I even get into Harbinger. Prolly not though. FML.

I don’t have actual confirmation that my replacement has been found so this might change?


@Hwrd :crying_cat_face:

Rhyo, Lokan and hopefully will start Opes.


Breeding Keth the Ugly
Then making him breedable
And breed Kaze.

Second Vanguard but I’m still under 360 and can’t hatch them :unamused:

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Lusian… then possibly garnet research eggs… not sure how fast I want to move through Empyrean with Abyssal egg costs looming.

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Breeding Eva amd Meth

Are we ever going to have the Assault event again? They made a big deal about it when they announced it like we would be having it several times a season yet we had it once and then that was it.


Jormungxzdrsj + Jotun
And as much as I can of Tuktu (need 4 vanguard eggs for next fort)

94.2k into Evakhet, 85.8k into Seraph. 9k into research eggs. :cold_face:



But I have to clock incubator, castle, and two emp eggs for it :sob::skull_and_crossbones:

Balahm, then starting to Oni.

I’d have liked Oni for my perch but I’m on the hunter path so still waiting for a perch dragon…

Mehaten and Avalanche for me. I’m starting to pick up my pace and catch up as I need to be done with obsidian well before I reach level 300. Should only be a couple of months before I reach harbinger; give or take how long it takes


Lusian and getting Capulos free. hope to start OCULEX by the end of event.

I could breed 2 abyssal dragons, but due to the 60% price hike, I don’t think I will.

I’m sure eventually I’ll be forced to breed to continue to advance, at which point I’m out (if not before).


Return of the Gig cat. Very nice. :slight_smile:

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Probably just research eggs till wave 2 comes out. Can’t get ortho Bc I don’t have seraph :cry: