Let's Examine This

Can we do a bit more of this? Games seems to be evolving with this as an understanding. Hopefully this is a blueprint of something that works and can be built upon in this game?


If tower changes were implemented after much deliberation similar to this, it would have been great and to say the least, I would have been very happy.

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PG has created a checkpoint before announcing changes, the Gameplayers Faction. Wasn’t the roll-out after the GF was formed smooth? I don’t recall an uproar after implementation …

That game is 1 week old. PG doesn’t care since they already have a player base willing to spend out the ass and then some

Edit: But yes that would be nice if PG cared about things other than money

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I’d like more carrots instead of sticks :see_no_evil:


You can’t pass a checkpoint if you don’t meet the requirements of checking. Probably not a checkpoint. I see a lot of overestimating and underestimating of GPF lol. It’s just an exchange/offering of information and opinions.

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No uproar, but GPF formed after uproar about towers if you recall correctly. A lot of info was put out before GPF was formed and then idk the process but the end result was good towers for all levels.

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Checkpoint is the wrong terminology then. Insert whatever word applies for … let’s get the GF’s feedback on this before we roll it out. :smirk:

well as long as your towers are the new expensive special resource towers. old towers are still crap.

I am surprised no one seems to care about that… I guess most players who have been around as long as me have long since given up or sucked it up and spent for all the new goodies.

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i feel you more because i am in worse position drooling for fire flak. And i am lev 84

That is most likely a better position. The lower the level you can adopt a new tower or make plans/allocate space the better off you are from a base design point of view. I have the resources for a new tower but i cant afford the levels.

Really? what PG game have you been playing?

That research “fix” didn’t help matters either…(cannon/archer)

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And another one:


What about Star Wars battlefront with their loot crates :joy: look that one up

The difference is that there is a very vocal group on Steam and other sites in opposition to micro-transactions in PC and Console games. For mobile games it’s sorted of expected at this point, since you didn’t purchase the game up front.

It also helps that SOW and SW:B2 took hits to their Unit Sales.

I like this idea:

“like a permanent vault to store accumulated gold or respawns that happen farther from your antagonists to prevent stalking and/or revenge killings.”

I think it works.

Also… Kinda like the idea that a mere 19 pages?! Of negative feedback was enough to stop the change.

Clearly, we are doing it wrong.


Please tell us if you read the forums. If not, you will not see this. I will try smoke signals. If that fails… Perhaps I should try something else.

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