Let's have +30% XP boost for Feeding Event!

So as most players know we have +30% lumber production for Fortification Event, twice as many egg tokens per mission and increased food production for Breeding Event and a slight food production boost for Feeding (I’m not even sure for the latter). But Feeding Event is not only about food, it’s a lot about XP for those who can still train dragons!

So especially for an unexpectedly early Feeding Event, it would be a nice move to implement an increased base XP for the Feeding Event :blush: (and every Feeding Event after this).

I’m not an engineer at all, but I don’t think setting the base XP for all Dragons to 130% during the event would be such a difficult task. No more difficult than doubling egg tokens or wood production…

Obviously I don’t really expect it to happen anytime soon but it would be a great idea to implement for this event closely related to leveling your Dragons and useful for everyone, even those who have capped Dragons that can’t be fed.

Let me know what you think about this idea :wink:


I am fully on board with this suggestion.

The other two minor events have event specific buffs, so it would make sense to include an XP boost (of 30% maybe) for this event as well to provide an incentive to players to level up some dragons that they just got.


I love this idea. Count me in :+1: :t_rex:

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I also love this idea! Count me in as well!!

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Yes. No question

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Personally I’d like to see it today.


Also boost the xp in breeding too. sometime I backbreed a dragon and I want to train it as fast as possible

Well, me too, everyone would… But I’m not that kind of a dreamer lol. It is unlikely to see it coming anytime soon. Those things take time to implement… (Cough especially in this game cough)

You’ll see this in the market soon for 9.99

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