Let's play the word change game


No you must use a word that rhymes with one of the two words then change the other word to a new different word gotta use a word that rhymes with bleeper or ocean then change the other word to a new word


This is becoming too complicated. How about the second word must start with the last letter of the first word? I.e, Bleeper Reaper…


No because you never get out of R


Try this binker thinker


Make up two new words that isn’t a challenge to rhyme with and we start from there


I’m not saying it has to rhyme.

Binker Remains


Instagram refraine see how I did it


No, because neither of those rhyme with what she posted. Plural v. Singular…no rhyme…

I’m going back to what I know…also cause it works and is awesome

Memory remains

Or if we’re rolling with the random rhyming thing.

Growing pains


Growing circles


Growing Tension.


This is going down hill with all the extra rules that don’t really work. Just go with the original rules. And remember no switching the order of the words.
Lasting tension


Lasting premise

What’s that saying? “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? Or something along those lines. Didn’t we learn some lesson earlier about simple things?


Procrastinating premise


Procrastinating payment


Procrastinating child


Golden child


Problem child


Problem solver


Problem jinxing


Epic jinxing