Let's talk about new farm levels and what it means

Raising the level of farms and mills from 50 > 60 was a surprise. To the general player this may not mean much but it will be a HUGE game changer. The HP of level 50 farms is approximately 10M. The HP of level 60 farms is approximately 30M.

In real world practice this means an expert Noctua cannot kill a level 60 tower, even undefended. Expert Ferga with galvanic is a laughable joke. Ember takes 3 death gaze shots. With a defended base they will be virtually Immortal. A repair hammer will return 10M HP each time.

I’m not sure this was thought out thoroughly, or perhaps it was? What does everyone else think?


I sulk behind my Sapphire wall…It just grew into a deep dark pit :joy:


Level 1 Ember uses 2 shots. It’s been tested. That means bigger dragons can still single shot farms. But yes this changes war dynamic for end game teams.

I tested it as well and it took 3. I have zero runes, boosts, or anything. Maybe you do?

Monument boost + draggable shield boost?

Merkt is about to start getting some love

Even mafic and avyx don’t stand a chance

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My guess is this is to push players to pull the trigger on Harbinger.

Noc followed by a stronger dragon with either death gaze or Umbral Spike should work. If the farms/mills are in a tidy cluster, C2D should also work, since unlike the others, it is not based on the dragon’s attack power.

The drawback to white death gaze is the cool down of 3 seconds.

I think it will still be doable, but especially when defenders are present, level 60 farms/mills will present a huge challenge.

The oops sorry we didn’t tell you anything response feels a little disingenuous.

Sure surprise us with a stone we knew was coming. That’s cool. Don’t surprise us with new tower levels.

And what level Ember is everyone testing? Even if the farm has, with boosts and runes, 50M hp, death gaze (and umbral spike) is a 10,000x damage multiplier. You need an attack of 5,000 to do enough damage. But maybe I’m missing something.

We tested it with lv1 ember on unboosted farm and shield, 2 shots killed farm
Tested again with lv6 ember on same setup, 2 shots killed farm

Edit: first test was unboost

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Was @dakhunter who tested. Dak?

Edit he already answered above.

I’m not sure. Maybe @forScience has an idea.


But yeah, L1 Ember was tested against a L60 farm + shield boost. Then a L6 Ember was tested against a L60 + monument HP + shield boost and required multiple hits. L6 was fine vs a L60 without the shield boost, though I forget if it had monument HP up or not.

Either way, it’s better to have a higher power dragon for wars and such anyway in case a tower was missed.

We tested the lv6 twice. One with monument HP boost and one without. Both tests had Shield on it
Without monument HP boost, lv6 ember can kill it.
With monument HP boost, took ember 2 hits without hammers spamming. Maybe impossible to kill if someone drops 20 on a farm

That would be all about timing.

Probably better not to use ember in war…

Percentages make a. Big difference when the numbers start getting really large. Maybe 50M is too low.

Assume all research, monument boost, at least one rune, but you could probably get two that would stack. Maybe it’s more like 60m. If all those percentages are cumulative… It’s almost like stacking research and runes to get nearly 100% damage resistance for dark flak.

They will be tough to kill. But if using a “real” dragon with a one-shot skill, you’ll be doing much more damage than needed.

I believe it’s a 1,000x damage multiplier on the dragon’s base hp. I could be wrong though, but with Ember needing multiple shots as people who have tested it say… then maybe it is so.

Unless is has changed, which I suppose is possible, there’s a 1% attack boost and a 10k attack multiplier for Death Gaze. Perhaps the damage type is not “pure” (i.e., maybe it is based on the element of the attacking dragon). So, there could be other factors that are reducing the damage of the spell in a given test.

However, this is a great illustration of the problem of scaling. I’m sure that even a year ago, no one thought a 10k multiplier would not be sufficient to cause immediate death of a structure.

If we look at the wording of the spell descriptions, there are only a few spells that, based on the description, guarantee death. DG, in a bit of an oxymoron, is not one of them:

DG --Dragon’s next attack deals enough damage to destroy most buildings instantly

Umbral Spike – A shadowy spike emerges from the ground and pierces the targeted tower destroying it. Clearly states destruction.
Uproot – Wooden spike destroys the targeted tower and restores health. – Clearly states destruction.
Elemental Flux – Next attack kills one building instantly with an elemental blast. – Clearly states destruction.
Death Stare – Dragon’s next attack deals enough damage to destroy most buildings instantly
Spell Flux – Explodes one tower and damages nearby towers – Clearly states destruction

I think that’s all the one-shot abilities. If I missed one let me know.

I left out C2D intentionally, since it’s not technically a one-shot.

I think it’s just going to require a different tactic. Is it really reasonable to think a level 6 (or a level 1) dragon with DG could kill and end-game tower with boosted HP? That seems just a bit of s stretch to me. I do understand the frustration, but I don’t see it as a deal-breaker. Maybe another straw on an every-growing stack, but it’s not the one that will break my camel’s back.

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We tested it with lv60 farm at the very front. So it’s not about timing :grinning:. I can see the deathgaze taking 3/4 of hp from lv1 Ember but the cool down is long enough for someone to spam hammers and repair the farm

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Though many spells are based on HP, the insta-kill type spells aren’t, at least based on how the files look :slight_smile:

They could up the 10k multiplier too XD but eh, it’s L1/low level ember :rofl:

Fair enough man. I meant the timing of the hammers… but yeah, there would be enough delay that, especially with more than one defender, you’re not going to kill it.

15,070 * 10K = 150,700,000