Let's talk about ryuu


Ok, so I am covering a topic I know has been covered many times but I think ryuu needs a change. Let’s face after level 20 he is useless. So we work so hard defending just to be punished with a worthless dragon we must now find a time to get rid of. Me personally I chose to back people in war with him just to throw salt in the wound, after someone solos.

Why did he stop growing? Was it a disease, or did he drink coffee as a young dragon and stunt his growth?
Cant he grow as well with our levels? Or maybe he should have been replaced with timers or mistic frags. Either way let’s give pg some options to get rid of this dragon.

What to do with the Water Dragon Shrine

easiest answer i can find bro is that PG wont make money of it so they wont fix it or try to put effort into it. Sad but true. They are the EA of mobile gaming.


Personally? I’d like a little gift of D tools or something instead of ryuu. I never have enough, and it would maybe encourage defending. Getting medals or tracking defense would be a nice touch, too.


From everything I have heard over the past 2 years Ryu had way too many glitches and had to be shut down. He was capped at level 16 in 2015 by PG ( as a quick fix for the problems he was causing) and deemed not necessary to the game. (I am paraphrasing what I have heard essentially)

The best suggestion I have ever heard about replacing him would be to change the dragon. Make it a random (unhatched) dragon from the tier you are breeding or possibly next tier up. Have the dragon at a level comparable to what you can currently have if you were to breed that dragon and give you one or two runs with him. It would give everyone a taste of the upcoming dragons (or upcoming tiers) without being too powerful. They get a concrete example of what they can look forward to (or possibly a dragon they dont want) and a reason to defend lots.


I think best option would be to replace him with a random reward for your defending efforts
Kinda like treasure harbor only with better rewards


I agree - remove him from the game if it is so hard to make worthwhile


If you open the 123rd Ryuu topic you might want to bring some new constructive ideas to the table :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

PG said it countless times, they won’t do anything about it. But if they do, I don’t want to lose my ability to join banners without having to heal a dragon first. Because that’s why Ryuu is quite helpful to me when all my dragons are healing.


I like him the way he is! having him makes it so i can always join attacks when all the current dragons are healing. As someone who typically only has 3-4 active dragons that is handy… i like him purely for that!

Also its always fun to send him against a friend as a friendly 'Hello"


He is great for when all my other drags are resting. With him in my lineup, I can always join a teammates attack. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to. So, yeah, he is fine, worthless as he is.


The solution is to offer Ryuu for sacrifice to league chat :smiley:


This is a very cool idea @FlashingRed. A random or free choice of a dragon on the tier you have reached would be really fun (test drive a mythic!). Unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to implement the code for this, you would have to clone a default version of every dragon in the game. Another option might be a choice of a current season’s divine dragons at the level you have reached? Could @pgCampusLifer or other employee comment on the practicality of these suggestions?
An easier to implement suggestion would be a box of hammers! Pretty please? :grin:


If you’re asking, my response is that I don’t think we should touch how Ryuu works anytime soon. Every time we’ve done it we’ve put in a ton of effort, caused rounds of live bugs, without much improvement to the game at the end of it.

Shrine Dragon Ryuu

Rhyuu is super useful for me. I always keep him in my roster as the 11th dragon which allows me to join attacks even when all of my dragons are healing. Yes, I can have Ember level 1 which heals in 10 seconds but then I would have only 9 strong dragons that can actually do work. With Ryuu I can have 10 and never worry about not being able to join attacks.

Shrine Dragon Ryuu

Yes I suspected that it wouldn’t be practical. Thanks @pgCampusLifer :slight_smile:


I want to send it to work in the Ruby Mine, how do we make that happen?


Yes Ryuu is a waste of time at lvl 20, give us something useful when we defend bases or delete him completely. Random items would be better or even having him at the tier that your currently at.


Ryuu is OP, love summoning that ace-in-the-hole :slightly_smiling_face:


@xOxPhoenixOx Not worth the effort to mess around with him. It works and doesnt currently cause massive bugs. Thats a win


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