Let's talk about wars



Apologies if this has been brought up elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

So, my team (Outlaws) were declared on by (team removed by Red :disappointed:) last night. They didn’t send an initial wave, nice strategy! However, there were around 15 of us sat on the game, chatting in team chat, we see a banner and jump in…1 defence point, we checked flames and they were at 80 flames. Still chatting, around 30 minutes later, I check again and they are at 95 flames…there was no “mini wave” and none of us saw defence banners. They were at 190 flames with only 29 defence points…we are a D2/S1 team and I can assure you we can win defensive wars and get into defends. We mail support and find out…IT’S A KNOWN ISSUE? We are losing wars because of this and it’s known! I want to know if it’s team specific because right now, I am VERY annoyed.

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Agreed, it’s frustrating beyond belief.

If this is truly a ”known issue” wars should not be commencing as it grants an unfair advantage or disadvantage to any team’s wars influenced by this error.

Wars have recently been suspended for similar reasons (if memory serves?) - why are the community being exposed to this?

Edit:: obviously I can verify the above


Screen shot of supports response?



The general “restart your app” ones for me so far. Guess the whole team just needs to constantly be resetting the game every 5 minutes. :roll_eyes:


I’m specifically asking for the “thing is a known issue” response.

That would be very interesting. Could possibly be something players could exploit to their advantage.


That’s just one of those teams with magic airplanes


Something weird happens with def
We’ve been defending our adorable leader today and me and him used ss in def
But non of them haven’t been activated
And non of our hammers haven’t healed literally anything.
Sad thing that it was Atlas Attack so this glitch really costed us troops
That looked like a weird airplane mode,where defenders were present in battle
But non of their actions haven’t been counted



This response is not good enough when we are losing because of their glitches or the other teams cheating. I want the war nullified


People are manipulating latency/ping/throttling bandwidth, among other possibilities. They should just disable anything that doesn’t allow for a proper attack room. If the initiator drops for any reason, it should close with expected results, not allow the attack to continue/just not exist; that’d also fix Atlas exploits.


Wow. You’ve been so patient with them. And they have humbly asked for more patience.

But for real, losing a war today means potentially that you drop a league. And there is not enough time to compete a new war before the shuffle.

If it does come down to defense, then I wish you luck in your appeal. Although I have never seen them cancel a war except when they canceled them all.


It’s preposterous that that’s deemed an acceptable response when this is still a war game.


There, I fixed it for you!


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Bahahaha accurate AF :rofl:


Oh we are dropping leagues. This may drop us from D2 to S2.
I would post our defence so you can see how unmatched they are


Would be nice to have input from PG around now…?


@Arelyna and @DragonPunch


I saw the same thing when I was in my last team… we lost a few wars for the same reason… the same response was given to us… shoulder shrug who knows lol


It’s just not ok :see_no_evil: