Let's talk about wars



Had the same thing happening here in S1. Declared, waved and were ahead by a huge margin.

Hours later the other team got 93 or 94 flames with every team mate confirming to only have seen 3 attacks incoming.

Not pointing fingers at all, still… very suspicious. If not a technical issue that affects one of the very core aspects of this game airplaneing isn’t fixed at all yet.


Funny enough, it’s happening in the current war we are in as well. They got a huge amount of flames and we only saw 3 banners!!

How is this fair? We are losing points for something that is a game glitch or hack!! Nothing from PG. It’s demoralizing to the whole team, as if we can’t war. We wouldn’t have been in D2 in the first place if that was the case! You (PG) seriously need to look into this!


Agreed curly.

The games a farce.

Support responses are not sufficient.


I find the silence interesting. Seems like this is a significant problem.

It’s War Dragons. And the war banners are not working. Seems like it should be fixed.


PG has been silent everywhere. When’s the last time you saw them doing anything except closing a thread?


Must be busy working on the next big thing.


Earth flaks apparently :see_no_evil:


While we lose another war…

So, my team drop to Sapphire 1, no biggie to climb back up but worried to declare wars now with this stupid thing. So what do I do? I think my team deserve a response after losing 2 wars to this glitch, hack or whatever the f*ck it is. I’m passed angry now. @Arelyna @DragonPunch please guys, this is hurting my team!


Just keep buying packs for pg hard working team of developers




I haven’t personally experienced this, but if it is happening on a widespread basis, wars should be suspended while a fix is developed.
If it is not widespread, an investigation needs to be done on the teams that are the “perpetrators” of this; figure out if it is an exploit or a bug, and take action.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna
I realize this isn’t either of your departments, but you will know who to bring it to. Would love to know its on the radar.


I havent even seen any online status lately. Every team I check is completely offline. I mean it EVERY TEAM and it is including myself when I check my own status. How is that even possible when someone checking their own status and it is offline?


Hey why don’t I just quit my team mid war and see if that works? Lose my Atlas bonuses for a day while at it. Maybe screw my team over more by automatically giving five flames. But hey! Maybe it’ll work.


We had that problem 2 weeks ago! We sent in a ticket and Pg told us that is impossible and there is no issue with the banners, even though we couldn’t see any! Nice, PG! There is a big problem with your Game and your banners!! As we have problem about seeing who is on and who is not!



Ha. They admit, support is a game!


Oh my god that’s hilarious.
Player: This thing is not working!
Support: Yes it is. We understand your frustration though. :t_rex:


I can’t see any banners when ppl hitting me in Atlas
I can defend everyone else,but me


So long as you can defend team leader, it’s working as intended imo and no dev time needed to fix.


Ok,I’m ready to swap him