Let's talk about wars



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We need someone to actually respond please…


Lol… good luck with that. I havnt seem am actual response in weeks except for releasing of new material or something… maybe I missed it lol :thinking:


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it still a war game :thinking: I thought it was now a how can PG take every last cent you earn of you whilst not fixing anything or listening game.


Apparently it’s pretty standard now…

Support can’t or won’t do anything, so we’re here to make a point, but no one will respond :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That answer is insane!!


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So… “War Dragons” is now “just sit and get hammered dragons”
Don’t worry guys, I’ll make a new poster and advertise in my line chat group :roll_eyes:

@PGChocolate I know this isn’t your remit but please…this thread has been going for days and we are none the wiser. We just want to know that it’s genuinely being “looked into” or if we are being fobbed off.



You forgot “hammer broken” dragons too …



Sorry! I know that people have tagged me in this thread several times. We have a ticket open for investigation with engineers already.


As I asked support. Is that sufficient?

Wars were cancelled and prohibited when an error happened earlier in the season…


At the moment, it is the best I’ve got.


Thank you for replying! Is there any chance you could keep myself or team in the loop as to what’s happening please?

I appreciate your response and apologise for tagging you if you were the wrong person. Being one of the faces of PG can be a blessing and a curse, I’m sure.


Thanks for the response.

Still not sure that’s enough when we’re suffering like we are.



@Curly, I’m the right person to tag in this case.



If this is a KNOWN issue … why haven’t wars been locked to prevent what’s happening above?

It seems that there have been many, many tickets submitted - and nothing?


Happy cake day! I hope you get resolution to this horrible issue of war banners not properly deploying. I think I have seen the issue too…



Now the new thing is - you declare, and the system doesn’t declare!

Yay PG!



@NEMESIS, I just PM’d you about this.


Why is she getting a PM? What about this cannot be discussed publically for all to see?


Thank you :hugs: