Lets talk Glory

PG can you please look at glory bands again. Check out this screen shot

I am a lvl 484, team ranked in the 180s. This team is ranked in the 370s.

My question is how are all 4 of these player levels exact same glory % for me???

I get how the level 449 could be 70% as he is lower then me plus the team rank. The 412 should be way lower. Then in addition the 494 and 505 should be higher.

No matter what team you are on, plat/saph, a higher lvl (in this case a 505) vs me a lvl 484 should always be 100% in my opinion. At least maybe a -10% cause of the team but this just promotes sand bagging.

The glory calculator that does player glory and team glory should be wayyy heavier on the player lvl side


If you do that, you leave more room for bullying little teams which already tends to occur. Scaling it according to level will just promote it more and make team rank pointless.

If you want to hit targets according to scaled level, hit targets in NML - other than that, either hit t4s for 100% glory, or higher ranked teams/ranks around the same as yours.


As Fiery said, change this and you will just get even more sapphire teams bullying tiny platinum teams. In my view the team scaling is actually pretty reasonable (it’s a lot easier for you to snipe a level 370s team, because they will only have a handful of players who can kill you, and that’s assuming any of them are online).

I cannot remember the exact figure, but for the player level component, it is something like any player >85% of your level is max glory. Which for you is any player above level 410.

Or to put that into context, you can fly your almost maxed eldritch dragons on a base which has at most level 80 towers and still get 100% glory (ignoring team scaling). Now that bit is worth complaining about.


We still have the glory hoggers who don’t care

But for this lvl 500 sandbaging on a plat team, should be less glory. Players lower then my player level or incubator/breeding castle level should definitely be less glory i get that.
But someone who is higher in both aspects but just on a lower ranked team is kinda pointless.

The way I see how glory for hitting these players should be (estimates)
Lvl 412 ~60% (way lower level and team rank)
Lvl 449 ~70% (lower level and lower team rank)
Lvl 484 me
Lvl 494 ~85% (close to player lvl -5% // -10% for team
Lvl 505 ~90% (higher level -10% for lower team)

But how are all 4 of these players the same 70%…

I see you haven’t read anything anyone has said here explaining why it is the way it is.

You’re complaining that a player on a team 200 ranks below yours isn’t good enough glory for you…

Let that sink in.


Honestly I really don’t get why team rank has to have such an impact on glory.

Yes it is the way it is, but is the way it is good? I don’t think so.

After all, if I hit a 530 on a 1200 ranked team, I get full glory. So, why shouldn’t the “full glory regardless of team ranking” threshold be adjusted for player level instead of choosing a random level that has no meaning?

Why can’t it be like if you hit someone whose level is 5% higher than yours or who is 30 levels higher than you (Idk, random numbers) you get full glory regardless of team rank?

I understand that there is a concern over lower level teams being bullied (:roll_eyes:) but would I be a bully if I chose to hit someone who is still bigger than me just because they chose to sandbag/be less active on a lower ranked team?

And also. If team rank didn’t count for glory at all, and I know that’s not going to happen, but only player level counted, do you really think everyone would be going to hit teams 400 ranks below? I really don’t think so.

I’d personally like glory be only scaled based on player level, but saying you need to hit a 530 or above or someone on a T4 or T5 to get full glory is insane. What if someone is a 420 on a high ranked team? How are they supposed to get decent glory?
And let’s not forget that everyone has like 3k troops or so on their primarchs, which is something else that should be worked on :woman_facepalming:t2:

I feel like a level based threshold for full glory like described above would be fairer.

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Umm… Yes they will (me included). Why would I hit bigger teams who will be defending/counter-sniping and then come and retaliate, when I could hit baby teams for full glory.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the current glory system is remotely perfect.


Yes, yes they will.

I fully guarantee, if it was scaled upon player level, higher up teams will farm the small teams a lot more, and maybe even take their castles.

Right now, there are already little teams that get castles taken by big teams because it’s easy - or they get hit for gating a bigger team, removing team ranking’s effect will only exacerbate all that.

Hitting smaller teams is much easier because their reaction team isn’t as good, and if you swarm them, they won’t be able to take you out either if you’re a lot bigger.

Scaling according to player level on castles is a bad idea imo.


Hit people in your own league , you weak sauce


I mean…

Why did you both reply to the part which wasn’t really a suggestion but only a utopic hope?

Why didn’t you consider the real suggestion?

Have you seen this happen in an enviroment in which glory was only scaled based on level and not on team rank?
Because if you have, then ok, but if you haven’t, you really can’t guarantee, can you? You can only expect to see that result.

But if I’m a lot bigger (level-wise I assume?) I’m not getting full glory

Easiest way is comparing to NML. When I was a lot smaller, I got hit by people way larger than me ALL the time.

And right now, I do it too. It’s easy, quick and guaranteed glory. Why wouldn’t anyone go for the easy glory if they have the option?

I mean, it’s bad, really bad, but removing team ranking’s effect will only make things far worse for those teams.

Right now, if those small teams have a 530+ that’s loaded on an accessible castle, they’ll get hit too, it’s too easy, and people like that ease.

As for this, I can’t remember the exact banding off the top of my head, but I get pretty good glory off people in their 400s as a 500+ (in NML)

Most small teams have one big player or a couple of big players who are their back bone. What if your entire sapph team decides to bully those few big players who are protecting the smaller guys while another small team in your alliance bullies the smaller levels ? Its unfair
They might not be sandbagging ,they are probably taking abreak as they cant keep up with the activity of bigger leagues
All i see here is a bunch of whiners who cant bubble their way through and hit their own leagues


You’re still really not commenting on the suggestion though… What I was saying was nothing like what NML is now.

Hey, you are the best of the entire WD community. Here’s your trophy :trophy: and thanks for all the very necessary judgements.
If a team relies on only 1 high level, I feel like something is wrong in that team, but whatever. That really wasn’t the point.

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Every day I see players from top 50 teams hitting level 530+ players on level 500+ teams, because it’s easy glory.

It’s a good suggestion. But it can be abused by having higher level backers.


I’m lost - I believe my comments do address your suggestion from what I understood of it.

To me this is nullifying the effect of team ranking

Okay yes totally , a platinum team is expected to have more than 40 480+ ,and not just one or two big levels


Is it because it’s easy glory or is it because this way they get 100% instead of having terrible % because they’re in the top50 and there aren’t too many teams around their rank that they can hit?

Hmm, I guess, but then someone can also have a backer on a 530+ base. And wasn’t glory or revive ratio adjusted for the defender in case the attacker was much higher level or had a much higher level backer? I seem to remember something like that.

Anyway, of course those were random numbers, I’m sure it could be worked on.

How though? Only the person who fits the level criteria can hit that person on the other team for full glory. Not their higher level teammates. Nor can the person hit the lower level teammates of his target. Much like it happens with 530+ players now… Does that threshold nullify the effect of team ranking too?

@Squigity I really don’t understand how your comments have any relevance at all to what I’m saying. Feel free to keep going though, I’ll just ignore

Looking at their lifetime kills, I’m pretty sure it’s just easy glory.

And if I was higher enough level I would be doing the same.

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Okay, it makes more sense now that you explained it further.

I still think it can be exploited though, but I guess it’ll also have positive effects for others

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