Let's talk Relics

While we are all dreading the casino life looking forward to the launch of ascendant gear later today, there’s another big change that PG has scheduled for next week that we have heard almost nothing about:

3/15/23: Relics Launch

During Laika’s Corruption preview stream, @PGYohn and @PGrdm teased very limited information about these relics. These will potentially have a huge impact on gameplay, but so far, this is all we know about relics:

  • Relics will function similarly to glyphs/runes (probably under a new tab)
  • Relics will have more bonus stats than glyphs/runes
  • Relics will be themed to a specific rider, but will not confer an additional bonus if that rider is bonded

Regarding the last item, PG went into a lengthy discussion about how they discarded the idea of providing a bonus for paired relic/rider pair. I generally agree as the power level of these items would be playtested with the bonus activated and would effectively punish players in a retroactive manner.
Suggestion to PG: can we get a cosmetic bonus for having a relic/rider paired together? Like sparkle effects around the rider during attacks?

Why? You can barely see the rider on the dragon when it is flying so you wouldnt even be able to see this effect very much. I’d rather see them work on actual improvements rather than more unnecessary cosmetic stuff.

I’d just like to know if there is going to be a seasonal branch for them on week 3 or not. In the steam they said they’d only be avalibe through a branch and currency would be added to the event prizes but then DP said they’d be in a new type of chest.

Personally relics seem very unnecessary but if they were going to have them then they should have been combined with the Ascended gear to where relics were the boosts we added to the gear instead of the gear having random skills from a fixed pool

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Is it possible to already forge relics?

Not sure why PG couldn’t add them to the Champion and Spell Rider Branches. Might actually make completing the Spell Rider branch worthwhile. Making a whole new branch seems inadvisable.

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It would kind of make sense to maybe put a relic for said new spell rider into that rider’s line. Be we know that anything knew they’re going to want it to be its own thing so it costs extra rather than improving what is already there.

No, they havent been added into the game yet. Nor will relics be forged based on what they’ve said so far.