Letting teammates attack each other

I think it can be beneficial to allow teammates to attack each other it can helps with base design and cometary . Just don’t allow xp and resources to be exchanged so it’s not taken advantage of


I like this idea, I think it’s good for the leader and maybe officers to “test” teammates bases to see their strengths and capabilities
No rss or xp so it can’t be exploited

I second this idea. It would help us test teammates’ bases and also would be good practice in defending our own bases to help teach teammates how to best defend specific high bases.


I completely agree with this! I wouldn’t even mind if I had to use a healing potion or whatever. I’d be glad to see this change

I agree aswell. That might be a good idea!

You know the glitch where you can join an ex-teammates runs after they leave your team? Imagine all the glitches with this, especially if the teammate went to an in league team and then warred? :thinking:

It is a good idea, but there should be some cost associated with it and some limits. Maybe cost team medals to do it and only officers can do it? I’m thinking across the different games I’ve played, none of them allowed you to attack teammates, even for practice.

I would disagree with it costing gems or energy or anything that comes from chests or has to be bought with money, which is why I think medals are fair.

Yes definitely support allowing only officers to do it. Re costs, it doesn’t have to cost anything - treat it as a normal run.

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Good idea, and also have the overhead view of your own base available :slight_smile:

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Don’t thnk it should cost anything,but thnk a stimulation of not available during a war should be thrown in there

I agree with this idea.

I love this. And yeah, would have to avoid bugs that might allow this on non-teammates, etc. Ensure the ties are broken as soon as someone’s outside the alliance.

I know a game i played before starting WD. It allowed you to attack teammates aswell. But you didnt lost or destroyed any Army, you were not able to steal rss and so on. It just gave u a clue what you can do with which Hero, Army and so on.

I’m not the smartest of all people but I’m baffled as to why only officers should be able to do it.

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Because your teammates should be looting medals and rss, not wasting their time flying through teammates bases for no reason, with no gain.

I don’t know whether to take this response seriously or not?:thinking:


Of course you should! The game is about destroying bases, looting, and earning medals. It is one thing to have an officer or 2 fly through their team’s bases to recommend improvements, but entirely a waste for the entire team to be able to, for no cost/penalty. They should be out looking and getting medals.

So why on earth would only officers be able to do it seeing as they should be setting example.

This provides a chance to train on teammates bases and share best practices. All for it.

If you have an issue with your team only attacking each other for no rss and no medals then deal with those team members because if the worry is they will only do that then that has no difference than members hitting the same xp base over and over.


My real issue with it is, You shouldn’t be training on teammates bases. Especially if there is no cost associated with it. Even more so since they won’t revenge you and take loot.
The game is about attacking enemy bases and taking loot. Creating a ‘safe way’ to ‘train’ or ‘practice’ is a no go, imho.

So only team officers can give advice and actually have knowledge to give tips? Rofl…

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