Level 1 Ember. Am i really the only one that has an issue with this?

Let me start this by saying, i have a pretty good feeling that im going to get slammed for this opinion, but here goes. Wth was the thought process behind ember, or maybe its any dragon that earns the death gaze spell at level 1. I mean, keeping your farms at max and defending them was a decent way to defend your base as a last resort. Now, we have a level 1 red dragon that can come in and take out very high level farms with no trouble as long as the base was prepped and thats all thats left. Wth is the deal with letting a level 1 red dragon take out any high level towers? I know there are a bunch of you that are using this exploit to your advantage for egg token runs or whatever else but surely you must see the idea of a level 1 red dragon taking out high level towers as an insult to your hard work building your base? Am i the only one that has an issue with this? There is no need to get ugly, even though im sure i will hear it anyway. Please just keep the comments limited to your opinion and try to keep it friendly. I am truly curious to see if i am really the only one that doesnt like this. Thanks guys!

Ember only can take out a base if a bigger stronger dragon sets it up. I see no problem with that. It would be no different than the final blow being dealt by any other dragon.

PS: your argument sounds very similar to the “Nerf Hauheset” thread.


I too do not have a level 1 ember, and wish that I did. That said, anyone with death gaze will take your farms. Am I jealous of those that have him at lvl 1? Of course. But at lvl 6 mine does the same thing except with a 4 minute heal time. It sounds like your issue is more with death gaze the spell than with Ember, right?

Also, I’m sure that when Ember was released PG didn’t think it through enough to know this was going to be a thing, but at this point the horses have left the barn.


I had Enki in my roster before I had ember :woman_shrugging:t3: Who cares just a quick cleanup. If I’m hitting a high lvl base for resources and they got high lvl farms that my drags don’t have enough damage to kill yea I’m going to use death gaze. I got that far why shouldn’t I be able to beat it just cause farms have insane amounts of heath and their damn super shots go off like crazy


There are several lower dragons with death gaze. Not only that, you can place death gaze spell on any dragon. So I don’t quite understand argument. Are you annoyed with death gaze?


I think the problem the OP and others have is that death gaze is way too strong a spell to put on a red dragon (and a few other “weaker” ones at that).

What if it were umbral spike? I would imagine a lot of people would be upset with that seeing as that spell doesn’t appear on dragons until much later. Except that umbral spike and death gaze have the same effect.

I will agree that death gaze is way too strong a spell to be putting on such weak dragons. However, as was mentioned, you can forge it and equip it on any dragon you want so…

I wouldn’t worry about level 1 Ember.

You should fear Apophet. :smiley:

Umbral Spike has stats almost identical to DG, and Apophet has a much higher attack than Ember. Those level 200 farms, ain’t nothing stopping Pops. :rofl:


Although, Apophet’s shadow unsands any towers, so you will not be using him much above his tier level in bases.

No more of an insult than Dodo being equipped with DG and taking out my farms, so :man_shrugging:

In my opinion, yes.

Have you tried reporting this exploit to support? I’m curious to read their response…

Honestly, I don’t see the big deal other than they won’t let us roll Em er back to level 1 if we screwed up and leveled him :man_facepalming::rofl:


Amen lol give us all a rolled-back lvl 1 Ember and we’ll never see posts like this again :rofl:


True, but if we’re talking about level 1 ember, odds are high he’s mopping up only a few things. With nightfall, fissure, and spike, any base that level 1 ember could clean up, Apophet could as well, even with the annoying shadow.

Or use Renard. :slight_smile:

He is in my roster :shushing_face: Can kill farms and more, sanded, not sanded, who cares. And he brings his own rage with him :scream::sunglasses:

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It probably came from the same thought process that decided farms and mills should be the hardest towers to kill.


In the scheme of dragon power, blues and oranges are pretty weak too. Yet enki, bolt and habrok have deathgaze and all are useless in leading attacks once you past lvl 50.

Let’s give Tengu some love too. An invincible healing shield, spell to boost damage, and umbral; what better cleanup dragon.

Then there are also the enfeeble and crumble dragons, of which there are many. Ember is just another cleanup dragon, like the ones above. :arrow_up:

To branch off and unnecessarily prove the point that Ember is really nothing special and doesn’t deserve all this backlash, here’s a list of all the suitable cleanup drags in the game currently-
Ember- Death gaze
Bolt- Death gaze
Habrok- Death gaze
Enki- Death gaze, cloak
Iteru- Umbral spike, rising phoenix
Gorgonus- Crumble to dust, cloak
Apophet- All his spells
Hau- Pretty much all his spells
Frostbiter- Crumble to dust, cloak
Renard- Umbral spike, northern lights
Icicle- Frostbite/Shattershard
Kerbos- Uproot
Nier- Uproot
Potentially the southern cross dragons, which would include Jul and AA.
Nydryr- Umbral spike
Ormarr- Death gaze, cloak
Nightshade - Crumble to dust, cloak
Tengu- Pretty much all spells
Morphos - Frostbite/Shattershard, enfeeble, cloak
Merkt- Death stare
Neptus - Tidal surge
Spindra- Enfeeble
Dim- Death gaze, cloak
Not adding Obs+ because using them as cleanups would end up sort of being pointless.


I hate Tengu. That was my first season and I didn’t get any stones for him…

:scream: Tengu is great, and useful well past the time when his AP isn’t substantial. He’s my go-to cleanup.

I’m loving iteru as my clean up. He is just gorgeous.

C2D is my personal favorite. Especially since it doesn’t matter how weak the dragon is. The way that spell works, it will always, not matter what, kill on the second hit. Won’t matter when level 500 towers are out, C2D will kill them.

Not a one shot, technically, but it can also kill a group… so, it’s different.


OP didn’t think this through other than: Level 1, can kill level 50 farms --> exploit!! :man_facepalming:

Kinda like that guy who keeps saying Hau is OP…