Level 108 - LFT - Platinum I - MUST have Atlas

LFT – Level 108 – Platinum I


Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 8 months 17 days (since December 23rd)
Age Range: 15
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Dreth, Scorpa, Hyaku, Ember (soon Rizar/Kaiju/Vulcan/Kelvin then going into sapphire, should have platinum divines soon as well)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Cerbero (platinum rare sorcerer)

Hey! So first off, I’m a very nice person to talk to, and I almost never get into drama, but can hold incredibly long grudges if I want to. I’m all the way up to platinum tier and should breed plat legendaries next breeding event, then I will start the magnificently long journey up through the tiers from sapphire. Atlas has been really helpful for me this past month, hence why I included in the title, “MUST have Atlas”. A select few people on my current team have been so intolerably disrespectful to me, and now I have decided to switch teams. I already have sent to myself via email, a list of other atlas teams that I could give a try, but if any of you could suggest another team, or your own team if it meets all (or most) of the following requirements, I could join that team:

  • Must be within Platinum II (or plat3 and ALMOST plat2 is fine) and Sapphire III (reasonably rational amount of egg tokens to breed my dragons and not too hard in pvp events)
  • Must be a drama-free team.
    Behavior doesn’t matter to me, but drama-free is the way for me to go
  • Must be patient in the event of a war or anything regarding atlas.
    I have school, and often have a football game to go to with the band

If I like your comment, it either means I like how your team works, or I’m likely to join your team. Keep in mind that I may rejoin a gold team I used to be on called MistOfDawn, where I used to be an officer. There is an equivalent likelihood of me joining one or the other. If you would like to share a bit about your team, and some of the players, feel free to do so. It would make deciding on a new team a lot easier. Thanks for at least taking the time to read this if you did…

-Jalen :slight_smile:

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That’s a pretty big jump… :flushed:

Good luck in your team search


Not only that demanding for a kid only just past 100 with plat drags :joy:

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@moderators I’ve found a new team. They’re waiting to accept me tho because the person leaving has to collect team event prizes and stuff. You can close the thread now :slight_smile:

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Closed as requested