Level 120’s prims!

Hey WD community,

There’s a new glory exchange group in LINE specific for levels lower than 120 in order to help them level their prims as its hard for these levels to find glory. It would be good for them and for your team to have higher level prims by the time they’re higher levels.

The group also tries to teach its members about all the glory math. If you would like your members to be added, the invite link is attached or you can add Loe9760 on Line and will add you to the group so you can invite your members.

Invite link:


Also please feel free to spread the word in your alliance chats/ other friends. Thank you.

All the best,


Nice! Any groups for L121-199?

I think your " got included in the invite URL and was confusing line.

Here’s an edited version of the invite link for anyone else having trouble:


Will infiltrate group and find out where meetings are and will arrive to wipe. Thanks for the easy kills :grinning:

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Aww Mech you wouldn’t do that. Certainly not like a cat to pick out the weak link

The irony in this statment is hilarious :laughing: (the bit about cats not picking out the weak link bit…)

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In that case, I better get the catnip.

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he just joked but you bet there will be many that will try to exploit such open links


What’s the over/under on how long it takes “the team” to find a way to squash this? Clearly this goes against everything they WANT their game to be.


I know he was. He has better things to do

Love this idea !!


Thanks @henfon ! I hadn’t noticed :see_no_evil:

Lol thanks @MechCat for bringing up that point… Ill make sure to ask the participants to exchange their coords ingame and not in that Line chat :rofl::rofl:

@BloodAngl there are many I believe but Im not in any for that level right now to invite ya… my apologies but hopefully someone here can help with that!

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