Level 130 looking for Sapphire team

I try really hard and I do my best. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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look at danceofdragons, plat team currently getting ready for atlas

Sapphire teams don’t often recruit on forums. They usually need more than that.

Find a few teams you like and send their leader/ recruiting officer a mail that you’d be interested in joining, you’re active, yada yada yada.


Or set your sights a little lower and grow with a team. Oh wait I have a recruiting message for my own not yet Sapphire Team… hint hint

XHOUNDSOFWARx up and coming…will be in platinum Tuesday. we are growing together.

Thank you for the feedback! Probably a better route.

look at danceofdragons, plat team looking to replace a few alts. we do require war, event and either line app or the fb group for communication

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