Level 200 grinder looking for team that strives for final team prize

Really enjoy my current team but very much looking to get on team that strives for final team prize. Unfortunately at my relatively low level most of those teams don’t give me a look even though I score very well in events. If a team is willing to take a chance on me and allow me to develop for a season or two I believe I’ll be a very formidable player.

Atlas troops: 200k
Elite: Yes
Lineage: Garnet
Defense Power: 280 mil (3 flak kill w/ ice, fire, dark)
Mythic? No, that’s why I want a team that grinds like I do.
Very active in events and atlas and love flying hunters and meeting new people.

Good morning Scotty. You sound like what our team is looking for. Msg me in game. xxxDAKxxx

Good morning ScottyyMFp,

I am from a Brazilian team of MillenniumBR, we are more than a team, guild, we are a family, if you want to be welcome, we have people fluent in English that will help you interact with the family. We are a simple and growing family, if you want to be welcome.

Hey Scotty, check out ShaHappens in sapphire 3. We are always look8mh for active players. Message LadyJeatta for more info and if u have any questions.

Check out Darkshades :slight_smile:

NewbieNoobs would be happy to have you.

Why not look for a team that actually gets it? :thinking:

We are a very active P3 team that loves to chat and assists all players no matter the lvl.
Would love to talk with you pm DeeisaDragon

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