Level 212 Looking for Plat 1-Sapphire 2 Team

Language: English, Spanish, and I know a bit of French
Time Zone: UTC
Played time: 3+ years
Elite Account?: I’m F2P
Dragon Roster Includes: Dreth, Hauhset, Sho’Groth, Gunnar, Aibrean, and Frostbiter
Highest Lineage Dragon: Frostbiter and Ursa. I should have a A+A in about three breeding events

About: I have an application pending, but in case it isn’t accepted, I’m looking for a Platinum 1- Sapphire 2 team that can get the 1.2k prize in most of the events of the season, that wars often, and is active in Atlas. I’m currently in school right now so not as active I usually am, but I’m usually quite active and willing to fight.

Do you get the 1.2k prize requirement?

Yes, I just about almost always get the requirement. Breeding and PvP are a bit rough on me in points, but I usually manage to get the points(if I’m not low on energy packs at moment). I’m not spending any rubies or chests this season and the next two so my total points might take a medium-ish dip or so for a while.

@moderators I found a team. You guys can close the thread now, please